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FY 2009-10 Budget Request Exhibits

Submittted November 3, 2008


Exhibits for DI-1 - Medical Services Premiums

Schedule 13

Table of Contents

 Exhibit A  

 Exhibit B  

 Exhibit C

 Exhibit D

 Exhibit E  

 Exhibit F  

 Exhibit G

 Exhibit H  

 Exhibit I  

 Exhibit J  

 Exhibit K  

 Exhibit L

 Exhibit M

 Exhibit N  

 Exhibit O

 Exhibit P

 Exhibit Q



Exhibits for DI-2 - Medicaid Mental Health Community Programs

Schedule 13

Table of Contents

 Exhibit AA

 Exhibit BB  

 Exhibit CC  

 Exhibit DD  

 Exhibit EE  

 Exhibit FF  

 Exhibit GG

 Exhibit HH  

 Exhibit II  

 Exhibit JJ  

 Exhibit KK  

 Exhibit LL  



Exhibits for DI-3 - Children's Basic Health Plan Medical Premium and Dental Costs


Table of Contents

 Exhibit C.1

 Exhibit C.2  

 Exhibit C.3  

 Exhibit C.4  

 Exhibit C.5  

 Exhibit C.6  

 Exhibit C.7  

 Exhibit C.8  

 Exhibit C.9  

 Exhibit C.10  

 Exhibit C.11  

 Exhibit C.12