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September 10, 2004 MSB Meeting Agenda


Meeting of the Medical Services Board

The Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing


September 10, 2004
9:00 A.M.


The meeting will be held at the Cherry Creek Corporate Center Bldg.  4500 Cherry Creek Drive South, 5th Floor Conference Room Denver, CO 80246.



Julie Reiskin, President; Steve Tool, Vice President; Wendell Phillips; David Bolin; Dr. Matthew Dunn; Micheal Oliva; Mary Ellen Faules; Joan Johnson, PhD; Marguerite Salazar; Joseph Rall; Sally Schaefer.

1. Roll Call


2. General Announcements


Date and Location of the next Medical Services Board meeting:  The meeting will be held October 8, 2004 beginning at 9:00 a.m., at the Cherry Creek Corporate Center Bldg.  4500 Cherry Creek Drive South, 5th Floor Conference Room Denver, CO 80246.


3. Approval of the minutes from the August 13, 2004 meeting


4. CHP+ Presentation, Barbara Ladon, CHP+ Division Director


5. Comments regarding the testimony of the ULTC 100.2 workgroup


6. Rules


Consent Agenda Documents


Final Emergency Adoption

Document 1 - MSB 04-05-26-A - Contingency Plans for Medically Fragile Individuals (Barb Ramsey, Community Based Long Term Care Section)
The Medical Services Board voted that testimony on Document 1 was complete and this item was placed on a consent agenda for final emergency adoption.  Board Members may remove rules from the consent agenda to consider further comment.

Final Emergency Adoption


Document 2 - MSB 04-06-09-A -  8.079 Emergency Revisions to Quality Improvement and 8.050 Emergency Revisions to Provider Appeals Rule (Roger Gunter, Rates and Analysis Division)                            (see note below)


Document 3 - MSB 04-07-08-A - Modifications to Indigent Care and Disproportionate Share Hospital Reimbursement and Reporting for synchronization with HB 1438 (Chris Underwood, Safety Net Financing Section)


Initial Approval


Document 4 - MSB 03-11-20-A - Revisions to the Nursing Facility and ICFs and MR Reimbursement Rules (Viki Manley, Long Term Benefits Division)
Document 5 - MSB 04-05-17-A - Medicaid Managed Care Grievance and Appeal Process (Donna Kellow, Health Benefits Division)


7. Department Updates


8. Adjourn


Note on Document:  MSB 04-06-03-A (Revisions to Provider Appeals) has been combined with MSB 04-06-09-A (Revisions to Quality Improvement).  The combined rule is consolidated as MSB 04-06-09-A.