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Agency Responsibilities

In-Home Support Services


  • Apply for provider status by completing provider enrollment application and provider participation agreements available through ACS.

  • Must meet certification standards as applied by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE).

  • Will hire the Eligible Clients chosen attendant, if the agencys hiring requirements are not met.

  • Agency assures and documents that all attendants have adequate skills to provide health maintenance services.

  • If requested by the Eligible Client, the agency assists the client in selecting an attendant.

  • The Agency assures and documents that all IHSS attendants receive at least 16 hours of basic training in the provision of IHSS. (Training may be waived or modified at the discretion of the IHSS Agencys health professional).

  • Agency provides intake and orientation services to eligible consumers and/or to the parent/guardians of eligible children who are new to In-Home Support Services.

  • Orientation includes instruction in the philosophy, policies and procedures of IHSS and information concerning the rights and responsibilities of the Eligible Consumer.

  • The Agency, Eligible Consumer, parent/guardian of eligible child and authorized representative, if appropriate, develop the written IHSS Plan, which is based on the needs of the eligible consumer/child.

  • The IHSS Plan includes a statement of allowable attendant and personal care service hours, a dispute resolution process and must be signed by the Eligible Consumer, an eligible childs parent/guardian, or an authorized representative, where appropriate, and an IHSS Agency representative.

  • The Agency provides 24-hour back-up services when an attendant is absent, whether the absence is planned or unforeseen.