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School Health Services Program

What is the School Health Services (SHS) Program?
The SHS Program is a Medicaid program in Colorado that provides health services to Medicaid enrolled clients as prescribed in the client’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP).

The School Health Services Program is administered by the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (the Department) in collaboration with the Colorado Department of Education. School districts participating in the program may receive federal matching funds for amounts spent in providing health services through the public schools to students who are receiving Medicaid benefits.


Who is eligible?
Clients who are:
• Enrolled in Medicaid;
• Enrolled in a public school or participating district;
• Under the age of 21; and
• Disabled or medically at risk and receiving or referred for services according to an IEP or IFSP.


What services are available?
• Physician services
• Speech-Language services
• Nursing services
• Audiology services
• Personal Care services
• Occupational Therapy
• Physical Therapy
• Specialized Transportation
• Orientation, Mobility and Vision services
• Targeted Case Management
• Psychology and Counseling services
• Social Work services


How much do the services cost?
Services are free for Medicaid enrolled clients.


How can someone apply for this program?
If you know someone who meets the eligibility criteria and may need these services please have them contact the Special Education Department at their local school district.



Health care providers click here to obtain additional information about this program.



If you have additional questions please contact Shannon Huska, Program Administrator, at