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Researching an Insurer or Agent


You can check on an insurer's status through the Colorado Division of Insurance. You can also check to see if the state has taken any enforcement actions against the company. Some financial rating institutions, including A.M. Best and Moody's provide free online ratings information. Other ratings institutions, including Standard and Poors, Fitch and Weiss, may be available for purchase or through a library.

You can check on a Colorado agent's licensing status through the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies. You can also check to see if the state has taken any enforcement actions again the agent.


The following web sites will help you find a long-term care professional in Colorado:


The Corporation for Long-term Care Certification, Inc.

American Association for Long-term Care Insurance


An agent may not sell, solicit or negotiate a long-term care insurance policy that

will constitute a long term care insurance policy unless the individual is licensed as an insurance producer for the accident and health line of authority and has

completed a one-time training course by or before January 1, 2009 and ongoing

training every 24 months thereafter. Thus, prior to such date, an insurance producerlicensed for the line of accident and health selling Partnership policies will beconsidered to have satisfied these requirements.