State of Colorado: Governor John Hickenlooper

Event FAQ

  1. WHAT ARE THE COSTS OF HAVING AN EVENT?  There are three primary costs for all events: (1) the usage fee; (2) labor, service and non-alcoholic beverage fee; (3) food price. There is an additional security fee charged for use of the Carriage House. Please go to Events Pricing for more information.
  2. MAY WE ORDER SPECAIL MEALS (Vegetarian, Kosher, etc...)? Yes, but please notify us as soon as possible and we will do our best to make arrangements.
  3. HOW MANY HORS D'OUEVRES SHOULD I ORDER PER PERSON? You must choose between 4 and 7 different hors d'ouevres.
  4. CAN WE ORDER FEWER PORTIONS OF HORS D'OEUVRES THAN THERE ARE EXPECTED GUESTS? CAN WE ORDER DIFFERENT PORTIONS OF DIFFERENT HORS D'OEUVRES? No. Please provide us with your final guest count. Based on our years of experience we will calculate the proper quantities of each item to cover the amount of food that guests typically eat.
  5. ARE WE PERMITTED TO PROVIDE/HIRE OUR OWN CATERER, OR HAVE FOOD DONATED? No. All catering is done in-house, and food cannot be donated. The only regular exception to this rule is for Kosher Catering.
  6. DO YOU DO FOOD TASTINGS? No.  Unfortunately, due to our small staff, we cannot do food tastings.
  7. ARE WE PERMITTED TO PROVIDE OUR OWN ALCOHOL, OR HAVE IT DONATED? Yes. We will serve it for you at no additional cost.
  8. IS THERE A CLOSET OR COAT CHECK FOR OUR GUESTS USE? There are self-help coat closets for your guests use. A formal coat check service may be requested, and may incur an additional fee.
  9. DOES THE RESIDENCE PROVIDE VALET SERVICE? No. You may make arrangements for valet service at curbside, but not within the Residence grounds. It is up to you and the valet company to make arrangements for parking in the area. Please ask the valet service to call us for guidelines.
  10. DO YOU CHARGE A GRATUITY?  No.  Gratuities may be accepted by the waitstaff, but we do not add a gratuity to the bill.
  11. HOW DO I REQUEST THE ATTENDANCE OF THE GOVERNOR, FIRST LADY, or Lt. GOVERNOR? The Residence does not schedule the Governor, First Lady, or Lt. Governor.  Their scheduling can be accessed via their respective websites.
  12. ARE THE PRESS/MEDIA ALLOWED AT EVENTS?  Yes, but advance notice must be provided to the Residence Directors Office.
  13. IS ENTERTAINMENT ALLOWED?  Yes, but on a case-by-case basis. All entertainment must be approved by us, and a security check is required for all performers.
  14. MAY WE USE THE GRAND PIANO?  Yes, but the piano may only be played by a professional pianist. There is a $100.00 fee for use of the piano.
  15. DO YOU HAVE BACKGROUND MUSIC AVAILABLE? Yes. The Main Residence provides both a player piano and jazz classic CDs as background music. The Carriage House provides jazz classics CDs as background music. If you would like other types of music, you may bring your own CDs.
  16. WHAT ARE THE BUILDING CAPACITIES?  Capacity varies.  Please see the Residence Event Guidelines.
  17. IS AUDIO/VISUAL EQUIPMENT AVAILABLE?  Yes, we have some equipment available for rent. You will find what is available listed under Event Pricing. You are welcome to use your own equipment, but you will be responsible for set-up, break-down, and running of that equipment.
  18. HOW LONG CAN AN EVENT LAST?  The standard Usage Fee entitles you to 4 hours of event time. However, once event start and end times are confirmed, you must adhere to that schedule. Set-up and clean-up is handled by Residence staff and will not take up your event time. If your event is longer than 4 hours, the Usage Fee will increase.

  19. MY GUEST COUNT IS OVER OR UNDER MY ORIGINAL ESTIMATE.  If you believe that the final count will be off by more than 20% from your estimated count, please inform us as soon as possible. Remember, the final guest count is due 1 week prior to your event.
  20. CAN WE HAVE A TOUR WITH OUR EVENT?   Sorry, there are no tours offered in conjunction with events.
  21. WHAT DO I NEED TO DO THE DAY OF THE EVENT?  A representative of your organization must arrive at least 1/2 hour prior to your event start time. A Residence staff-person will meet with them, and go over any last minute details.
  22. CAN WE HOLD A FUNDRAISER?  No. Fundraising is not allowed by outside groups. You may sell tickets in advance to attend an event here, but no exchange of cash, checks, or credit cards are allowed on the premises.
  23. CAN WE HAVE A CASH BAR?  No. Residence guidelines prohibit cash bars.
  24. IS THERE HANDICAPPED ACCESS? Yes, please click on the Directions Tab for detailed information about access.
  25. WHAT ABOUT FOUL WEATHER?  Sorry, but we cannot waive, refund, or cancel charges do to inclement weather.
  26. IS THERE A DISCOUNT FOR NON-PROFITS? There is a discount on the usage fee for non-profits. Please refer to the fee schedule listed at the top of the event pricing pages.
  27. CANCELING OR RESCHEDULING AN EVENT. Let us know of your cancellation or rescheduling as soon as possible. Once paid, the Usage fee is not refundable for cancelled events. If you cancel your event after the usage fee has been paid, you may apply the amount to a future event, minus any expenses which may have been incurred by the Governor’s Residence prior to your cancellation.
  28. CAN I HAVE MY WEDDING AT THE RESIDENCE? No, weddings and wedding reception are not allowed.
  29. I HAVEN'T RECEIVED MY CONFIRMATION LETTER.  Your event may not be confirmed if you have not received, signed and returned your confirmation letter to us.  Please contact us at Mona.Lucero@State.Co you have not received your letter.
  30. ARE WE PERMITTED TO HANG A SIGN OR BANNER FOR A SPONSOR, AND/OR PRINT OUR EVENING PROGRAM WITH THEIR INFORMATION TO GIVE TO GUESTS? Banners are not allowed on the exterior of the Residence. Informational signage and banners may be used within the grounds, but cannot be taped, stapled, tacked, etc... to any surface. Tie straps or string may be allowed on a case-by-case basis. Free-standing table and floor signs are okay, and you are welcome to handout literature to your guests.
  33. DOES A PRESS RELEASE OR ANY MARKETING MATERIAL FIRST NEED TO BE APPROVED? No. If you are expecting to have either the Governor or First Lady at the event, we request that you do not place either of their names on any notifications, invitations or agendas unless you received written confirmation from the Governor’s Director of Scheduling, or the First Lady's Chief of Staff.
  34. WE ARE PLANNING SOMETHING SPECIAL/UNUSUAL FOR OUR EVENT (i.e. ICE CREAM SOCIAL, DANCING, LARGE BAND, etc...).   Please let us know ASAP, so that we can do our best to accommodate you.