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Gov. Hickenlooper signs a dozen bills

DENVER — Thursday, May 16, 2013 — Gov. John Hickenlooper signed 12 bills into law today and yesterday.


Number Title Sponsors Summary
SB13-004 Electronic Renewal Senior Identification Card Kefalas / Ginal Concerning authorization to renew a state-issued identification card by electronic means and making an appropriation.
SB13-111 Require Reports Of Elder Abuse And Exploitation Hudak / Schafer & Stephens Concerning abuse of at-risk adults and making an appropriation.
SB13-266 Coordinated Behavioral Health Crisis Response Aguilar & Nicholson / Kraft-Tharp & Young Concerning a request for proposals process to create a coordinated behavioral health crisis response system for communities throughout the state and making an appropriation.
SB13-277 Prior Authorization Process Drug Benefits Aguilar / Ginal Concerning the development of a prior authorization process to be used in obtaining prior approval from carriers for coverage of drug benefits and making an appropriation.
HB13-1001 Advanced Industries Acceleration Act Young & Gerou / Heath & Steadman Concerning an advanced industry grant program and enacting the "Advanced Industries Acceleration Act"; adding representatives from advanced industries to the economic development commission; repealing the bioscience discovery evaluation grant program and the clean technology discovery evaluation grant program; creating the Colorado advanced industries acceleration cash fund to be used to provide proof-of-concept grants, early-stage capital and retention grants, and infrastructure funding grants; and reducing an appropriation.
HB13-1006 K-12 Breakfast After The Bell Nutrition Program Moreno & Exum / Giron Concerning requiring certain schools to offer breakfast to all students following the first bell.
HB13-1044 Authorize Graywater Use Fischer / Schwartz Concerning the authorization of the use of graywater.
HB13-1110 Special Fuel Tax & Electric Vehicle Fee Fischer / Jones Concerning charges related to motor vehicles that travel on the public highways of the state and making an appropriation.
HB13-1138 Authorize Benefit Corporations Lee / Kefalas Concerning benefit corporations and making an appropriation.
HB13-1142 Urban And Rural Enterprise Zone Act Reforms Hullinghorst / Heath Concerning reforms to the "Urban and Rural Enterprise Zone Act" and making an appropriation.
HB13-1247 Innovative Motor Vehicle Income Tax Credit Duran & Singer / Johnston & Ulibarri Concerning the innovative motor vehicle income tax credit.
HB13-1296 Civil Commitments And Task Force McCann & Kraft-Tharp / Newell Concerning civil commitment statutes and creating the civil commitment statute review task force, redefining certain terms related to civil commitment, and making an appropriation.


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