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Gov. Hickenlooper signs several bills

DENVER — Tuesday, May 14, 2013 — Gov. John Hickenlooper signed five bills into law today.


Number Title Sponsors Summary
SB13-220 Emergency Medical Providers to Report Child Abuse Nicholson/Fields Concerning adding emergency medical service providers to the list of persons who must report possible instances of child abuse.
SB13-231 Title IV-E Waiver Demonstration Project JBC Concerning the creation of the title IV-E waiver demonstration project.
SB13-255 Statutory Changes To Child Fatality Review Teams Kefalas & Newell/May & Singer Concerning child fatality review teams and increasing the capacity and resources, clarifying the responsibilities and processes of state and local child fatality review teams in the departments of public health and environment and human services, and making an appropriation.
HB13-1259 Civil Actions Protection Orders & Domestic Orders McCann/Newell Concerning court orders in civil actions for persons at risk of abuse or neglect and procedures for allocating parental rights and responsibilities in the best interests of the child in cases involving child abuse and neglect and domestic violence; provisions relating to parenting time orders; provisions relating to parenting time evaluations and reports; amending and relocating provisions relating to civil protection orders; and making an appropriation.
HB13-1271 Child Abuse Reporting Hotline & Child Welfare Rules Singer & May/Newell & Nicholson Concerning methods to respond to initial contacts made to a child abuse reporting hotline system and authorizing the state board of human services to adopt rules governing the hotline system, providing consistent practices in response to contacts and to reports of known or suspected child abuse or neglect, and making an appropriation.


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