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Gov. Hickenlooper signs numerous bills

DENVER — Friday, April 26, 2013 — Gov. John Hickenlooper signed numerous bills into law today.


Number Title Sponsors Summary
HB13-1022 Proof of Motor Vehicle Insurance Holbert / Jahn Concerning proof of motor vehicle insurance and making an appropriation.
HB13-1025 Deductible Workers' Compensation Insurance Swalm / Jahn Concerning an increase in the amount of the authorized deductible for workers' compensation insurance policies.
HB13-1047 Extracurricular Participation Across School Districts Schafer / Todd Concerning clarifying that, if a student chooses to participate in an activity at a public school other than the student's school of attendance, the school district in which the student chooses to participate shall choose the public school at which the student participates.
HB13-1074 CDPHE Primary Care Office Kraft-Tharp / Roberts Concerning the reallocation of the primary care office from the prevention services division to the Department of Public Health and Environment and changing the membership of the Colorado Health Services Corps advisory council and clarifying the moneys included in the Colorado Health Services Corps fund.
HB13-1095 Home School Students Participation in Activities Stephens / Marble Concerning participation in extracurricular school activities by students enrolled in nonpublic home-based educational programs.
HB13-1123 Waive Confidentiality Unemployment Benefits Exum / Kerr Concerning the right of a person to waive confidentiality requirements protecting personal work information obtained by the Department of Labor and Employment for unemployment benefit claims to permit the department to forward certain information to potential employers
HB13-1205 Investment of State Moneys by the State Treasurer Swalm & Pabon / Schwartz Concerning the investment of state moneys by the State Treasurer.
HB13-1223 Carriers Requirement to Submit Cost Primavera / Newell Concerning the authority of the commissioner of insurance to promulgate rules regarding an insurance carrier's requirement to submit cost information to the commissioner.
HB13-1258 Community and Law Enforcement Trust Act Salazar / Aguilar & Carroll Concerning local government involvement with federal immigration issues.
SB13-027 RTD Mass Transit Station Parking Facilities Todd / Priola Concerning the provision of parking facilities by third parties at or near regional transportation district mass transit stations.
SB13-048 Authorize Local Government Use Of HUTF For Transit Todd / Tyler & Labuda Concerning the use of Highway User Tax Fund moneys allocated to local governments for multimodal transportation infrastructure.
SB13-070 Alternative Fuel Fleet Vehicles Schwartz / Scott & Tyler Concerning the purchase of vehicles that operate on alternative fuels for the state motor vehicle fleet system.
SB13-076 Use of Archived Material for Leg Branch Roberts / Gardner Concerning the elimination of fees related to archived material for the legislative branch of the state.
SB13-149 Sunset Repeal All-payer Health Claims Database Committee  Kefalas / Kagan  Concerning the repeal of the advisory committee to establish an all-payer health claims database.
 HB13-157  Sunset Continue Colorado Work Share Program  Heath / Kraft-Tharp & Exum  Concerning the continuation of the "Colorado Work Share Program."
 SB13-199  Higher Education Revenue Bond Intercept Program  Giron / Fischer  Concerning modification of the standard for determining whether bonds issued by a state-supported institution of higher education qualify for the higher education revenue bond intercept program.


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