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Gov. Hickenlooper signs one dozen bills

DENVER — Friday, April 19, 2013 — Gov. John Hickenlooper signed one dozen bills into law today.


Number Title Sponsors Summary
SB13-013 Secret Service Limited Peace Officer Authority King / McCann Concerning peace officer authority for certain employees of the United States Secret Service.
SB13-018 Permissible Use Of Credit Information By Employers Ulibarri / Fischer Concerning the use of consumer credit information by employers.
SB13-023 Increase Damages Caps Under CGIA Cadman & Morse / Levy & Gardner Concerning an increase in the limitation on the amount of damages that may be recovered by an injured party under the "Colorado Governmental Immunity Act."
SB13-042 Foreign Asst Med Professor Renew Physician License Morse / Waller Concerning the renewal of distinguished foreign teaching physician licenses by a person ranked lower than an associate professor.
SB13-058 Permanent Disability Parking Privileges Grantham / Landgraf Concerning the verification requirement for parking privileges for persons with a permanent disability.
SB13-071 Student ID Number For Adult Education Programs Hudak / Fields Concerning uniquely identifying student numbers for persons enrolled in adult education programs.
SB13-139 Supplemental On-line Education Services Roberts / Coram Concerning supplemental online education services.
SB13-184 Discrimination In Public Accommodation Crime Steadman & King / Rosenthal Concerning repeal of the criminal penalties for discrimination in places of public accommodation.
SB13-192 Emer Delay Criminal History Background Checks Heath / Tyler Concerning the ability of government agencies to extend the time permitted for action based on the results of fingerprint-based criminal history record checks.
HB13-1039 Moneys Credited To Legislative Dept Cash Fund Court / Todd Concerning additional sources of moneys to be credited to the legislative department cash fund.
HB13-1208 Incentives Offered By Creative Districts Duran / Newell Concerning creative districts and authorizing the creative industries division of the Colorado Office of Economic Development to offer incentives in the form of need-based funding for infrastructure development in state-certified creative districts and to provide such funding from any moneys appropriated to the creative industries cash fund for that purpose
HB13-1237 Special Olympics Colorado Tax Checkoff Young & Buckner / Hodge Concerning the voluntary contribution benefiting the Special Olympics Colorado fund that appears on the state individual income tax return forms.


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