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Gov. Hickenlooper signs several bills

DENVER ­— Friday, March 29, 2013 — Gov. John Hickenlooper signed several bills into law today.


Number Title Sponsors Summary
HB13-1016 Payment POD Accounts To Beneficiaries Gardner / Jahn Concerning the distribution to beneficiaries of amounts on Pay-On-Death (POD) financial institution accounts pursuant to written designation in the records of the financial institution.
HB13-1027 PUC Director Report To GA On Rate Cases Conti / Tochtrop Concerning an increase in the transparency of proceedings before the Public Utilities Commission by requiring the director of the commission to report annually to the General Assembly regarding recent energy rate cases.
HB13-1083 Motorcycle Operator Safety Training Program Ginal / Tochtrop Concerning the Motorcycle Operator Safety Training program.
HB13-1104 Mental Hlth Profl Oral Disclosure Peer Assist Kraft-Tharp / Newell Concerning the regulation of mental health professionals and repealing the requirement that professionals provide required disclosures orally and modifying the mental health professional peer health assistance program.
HB13-1118 Issuing IDs To Retired Peace Officers Rosenthal / King Concerning requiring law enforcement agencies to issue photographic identification to certain retired peace agencies.
HB13-1168 Recognize Unincorporated Acequia Ditches Vigil / Schwartz Concerning an expansion in the ability of a ditch to operate as an Acequia ditch.
SB13-008 Eliminate Waiting Period Under CHP+ Newell / McCann Concerning elimination of the waiting period for children’s eligibility under the children’s basic health plan.
SB13-113 Natural Resource Damage Recovery Fund JBC Concerning the natural resource damage recovery fund.
SB13-134 Sales Tax Collection Motor Vehicle Sold At Auction Baumgardner / Sonnenberg Concerning the process for collecting sales tax due on motor vehicles purchased through an auction sale.
SB13-152 Sunset Review Asbestos Abatement Aguilar / May Concerning the continuation of the asbestos abatement certification process conducted by the Department of Public Health and the Environment, and implementing the Department of Regulatory Agencies’ recommendations in the 2012 sunset report.
SB13-163 Sunset Review Newborn Infants Hearing Advisory Cmt Newell / Singer Concerning the sunset review of the advisory committee on hearing in newborn infants and implementing the recommendations of the Department of Regulatory Agencies to continue the advisory committee indefinitely.
SB13-177 Reduce Juvenile Detention Bed Cap JBC Concerning changes to the juvenile corrections programs resulting in cost reductions and reducing the juvenile detention bed cap, reducing the appropriation for commitment beds and assessment services, and making an appropriation for transportation.


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