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Gov. Hickenlooper signs many bills

DENVER — Friday, March 22, 2013 — Gov. John Hickenlooper signed 29 bills into law today.


Number Title Sponsors Summary
HB13-1009 Refund Deadline For Overpaid Sales & Use Tax Delgrosso / Jahn Concerning the deadline for an application for a refund for overpaid state sales tax.
HB13-1023 Academic Acceleration School District Policy Murray & Fields /
Balmer & Kerr
Concerning policies relating to academic acceleration in preschool through 12th grade.
HB13-1062 Regulation Public Insurance Adjusters Ginal / Kefalas Concerning the issuance of a critical care endorsement to emergency medical service providers.
HB13-1126 Seven-day Court Time Intervals Wright / Aguilar Concerning statutorily established time intervals.
HB13-1132 Highway Vehicle Weight Limit Mitsch-Bush & Scott / Giron Concerning amending state law to conform to federal standards for vehicle weight limits for purposes of continued federal highway funding.
HB13-1164 Extend Unwanted Horse Tax Checkoff McLachlan / Schwartz & Tochtrop Concerning an extension period for which the voluntary contribution of designation line benefiting the unwanted unwanted horse fund appears on state income tax return forms.
HB13-1166 Repeal Crimes with Marital Status as Element Kagan / Steadman Concerning the repeal of certain crimes that include marital status as an element of crime.
HB13-1181 Tobacco Program Cash Funds Levy / Steadman Concerning the retention in a cash fund that funds tobacco programs of the lesser of all unencumbered moneys remaining in the fund at the end of any fiscal year or an amount of such moneys equal to five percent of the amount appropriated from the fund for the fiscal year.
HB13-1184 Supplier Database Cash Fund Duran & Gerou / Hodge Concerning the supplier database cash fund.
HB13-1185 Low-income Energy Assistance Transfer From Sev Tax Gerou & Duran / Steadman Concerning transfers made from the operational account of the severance tax trust fund for providing energy-related assistance for low-income households, and, in connection therewith, eliminating the payment for each fund equalizing distributions for the 2012-13 state fiscal year.
HB13-1198 Colorado Commission Of Indian Affairs Coram & McLachlan / Roberts Concerning the colorado commission of indian affairs.
HB13-1199 Nursing Home Provider Fee Statute Pettersen / Kafalas Concerning clarifications of the statue of the statute governing provider fees paid by nursing facilities.
SB13-002 Designate BOCES As Local Education Agencies Hudak / Hamner Concerning the designation of boards of cooperative services as local education agencies for purposes of federal law.
SB13-010 Dean Allopathic Osteopathic Schools Common Family Med Lundberg / Hullinghorst Concerning the addition ot the deans of all medical schools in Colorado to the commission of family medicine.
SB13-012 Child Abuse Reporting Youth Sports Organizations Heath / Singer Concerning reporting of suspected child abuse and neglect by youth sports organizations.
SB13-015 Local Board Of Ed Meeting Electronic Participation Roberts / Hamner Concerning authorization for electronics participation in meetings of school district boards of education.
SB13-028 Track Utility Data High Performance State Building Jones / Tyler Concerning tracking the utility data of a state building that has achieved the highest performance certifications attainable as part of its capital construction project.
SB13-038 Emergency Provider And Rescue Unit Confidentiality Balmer / Garcia Concerning the confidentiality of certain communications among emergency responders.
SB13-044 Prepaid Inpatient Health Plan Incentives Nicholson / Coram Concerning incentive payments in prepaid inpatient health plan agreements.
SB13-046 Dialysis Clinic Authorization Treat Outpatient Kefalas / Primavera Concerning the authorization of dialysis treatment clinics to provide outpatient hemodialysis treatment to patients with acute kidney failure.
SB13-078 Erroneously Located Water Diversion Points Giron / Sonnenberg Concerning points of diversion that are not located at the physical location specified in the decrees for diverted water rights.
SB13-080 FPPA Limitation On Liability Tochtrop / Peniston Concerning limitation on the liability of the fire and police pension association an employer fails to properly enroll an employee plan.
SB13-091 Supplemental Appropriation Dept Of Human Services JBC Concerning a supplemental appropriation to the department of human services.
SB13-112 Cap 2012-13 School Land Revenues Transfer JBC Concerning a cap on the 2012-13 state fiscal year transfers to the state public school fund from public school land moneys.
SB13-118 Seller Financing Mortgage Loan Originator Exempt Hodge / Pabon Concerning clarification of the exemptions from the laws regulating mortgage loan originators, and, in connection therewith, exempting real estate licensees representing persons providing seller financing for the sale of a limited number of residential properties annually as allowed by law.
SB13-143 Institute Charter School Assistance Fund Grantham / Peniston Concerning the institute charter school assistance fund.
SB13-153 Sunset Farm-to-school Coordination Task Force Giron / Schafer & Vigil Concerning continuation of the interagency farm-to-table coordination task force.
SB13-160 Sunset Review Dental Advisory Committee Crowder / Primavera Concerning the sunset review of the dental advisory committee, and, in connection therewith, implementing the recommendations of the department of regulatory agencies the advisory committee.
SB13-187 FY 2013-14 Legislative Appropriation Carroll / Hullinghorst Concerning the payment of expenses of the legislative department.


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