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Gov. Hickenlooper signs several bills

DENVER —Wednesday, May 9, 2012 — Gov. John Hickenlooper signed several bills today.


Number Title Sponsors Summary
SB12-012 DOR Audits Auto Emission Test Centers King S. / Miklosi Concerning the Department Of Revenue Audit of Automobile Emission Inspection Facilities.
SB12-041 Commercial Vehicle Enter Fund Continuous Appropriation Spence / Priola Concerning The Continuous Appropriation Of The Moneys In The Commercial Vehicle Enterprise Tax Fund To The Department Of Revenue For Sales And Use Tax Refunds.
SB12-060 Improve Medicaid Fraud Prosecution Roberts / Gerou Concerning improving Medicaid fraud prosecution, and, in connection therewith, making and reducing appropriation.
HB12-1224 Creation of a Consolidated Communications System Becker / Lambert Concerning the Creation of a Consolidation Communications System Authority.
HB12-1070 Harmonize Government Ethics Statutes & Constitution Peniston / Hodge Concerning The Modification Of Statutory Provisions Governing The Ethical Conduct Of Persons Involved In Government For The Purpose Of Harmonizing Such Provisions With Section 3 (5) Of Article XXIX Of The State Constitution.
HB12-1034 Waste Tire Processor End User Fund Looper / Hodge Concerning Continuing the Process and End Users Fund that Encourages Recycling of Waste Tires, and, in Connection Therewith, Making an Appropriation.
HB12-1262 Amend Uniform Commercial Code Secured Transactions Gardner B. / Roberts Concerning Enactment of Amendments to the Secured Transactions Provisions Of The “Uniform Commercial Code.

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