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Gov. Hickenlooper signs several bills

DENVER — Monday, April 16, 2012 — Gov. John Hickenlooper signed several bills into law today and last Friday.


Number Title Sponsors Summary
SB12-059 Commercial Vehicle Standards Livestock and Weight Brophy / Sonnenberg Concerning Commercial Vehicle Standards Applied To Certain
Vehicles Under Twenty-Six Thousand One Pounds.
HB12-1083 Continue Environmental Agriculture Program Fees Sonnenberg / Schwartz Concerning Maintenance Of The Current Fee Structure On Certain
Feeding Operations Under The "Colorado Water Quality
Control Act".
SB12-040 Higher Ed. Facilities Eligible for Controlled Maintenance Bacon / Vigil Concerning The Qualification Of Certain State Higher Education
Facilities For State Controlled Maintenance Funding.
SB12-055 9Health Fair Tax Checkoff White / Brown Concerning The Voluntary Contribution Designation Benefiting
The 9Health Fair Fund To Appear On The State Individual
Income Tax Return Forms.
SB12-057 Indigenous Language Instruction Williams / Brown Concerning Native American Language Instruction
SB12-091 Nursing Home Administrator Qualifications Tochtrop / Bradford Concerning Modifications To Provisions Governing The Practice Of Nursing Home Administration, And, In Connection Therewith, Modifying The Criteria For Nursing Home Administrators To
Qualify To Serve On The Board Of Examiners Of Nursing Home Administrators, Modifying The Experience Requirements For Persons Applying To Take The Nursing Home Administrator Licensure Examination Or To Participate In The Administrator-In-Training Program, And Permitting A Nursing Home Administrator Who Has Passed A National Examination And An Examination In Another State To Sit For The Colorado Licensure Examination.
HB 12-1246 Reverse Payday Shift State Employees Paid Biweekly JBC Concerning A Reversal Of The Annual Payday Shift As It Applies To
State Employees Paid On A Biweekly Basis, And Making An
Appropriation In Connection Therewith.
HB12-1009 Federal Funds Transparency Act Gerou / Lambert Concerning A Report Related To The Federal Moneys Received By
The Executive Branch


Gov. Hickenlooper signed these bills into law on Friday, April 13:

Number Title Sponsors Summary
HB12-1204 Sunset Regulation Hemodialysis Technicians McCann / Boyd Concerning the continuation of the regulation of hemodialysis technicians, and, connection therewith, implementing the sunset review recommendations of the department of regulatory agencies.
HB12-1215 Surplus Lines Insurance Federal Conformity JBC Concerning changes to the “Nonadmitted Insurance Act” to conform it to the requirements of the federal “Nonadmitted and Reinsurance Reform Act of 2012”
HB12-1323 Montrose Associate County Judge Coram / Roberts Concerning the associate county judge for Montrose County.
SB12-022 Maintain Child Care Assistance for Working Families Williams / Massey Concerning maintaining child care assistance for working families.
SB12-034 Repeal Rapid Screen for High-emitting Vehicles King, S. / Miklosi Concerning repeal of the rapid screen program to identify high-emitting motor vehicles.
SB12-056 Court Appointments in Domestic Relations Cases Involving Children Carroll / Holbert Concerning judicial appointments in domestic relations cases involving children.
SB12-059 Commercial Vehicle Standards Livestock & Weight Brophy / Sonnenberg Concerning commercial vehicle standards applied to certain vehicles under twenty-six thousand one pounds.
SB12-061 Charter School Applying Authorizing Revoking King, K. / Massey Concerning procedures relating to the authorization of charter schools.
SB12-074 Consumer-directed Care Designee Service Provider Aguilar / Gardner, B. Concerning services provided by a person designated by a person eligible for consumer-directed care services.
SB12-092 Motor Vehicle Video Display Jahn / Liston Concerning the use of a video display in a motor vehicle that is being operated on a roadway.
SB12-095 Motor Vehicles Sales Certificate of Title Bond Requirement Lundberg / Barker Concerning requirements for the valid transfer of title to a motor vehicle.
SB12-102 Repeal Crime of Criminal Libel Brophy / Nikkel Concerning the repeal of the crime of criminal libel.
SB12-131 Duty Search for Designated Beneficiary Agreements Guzman / Pabon Concerning the responsibilities of a fiduciary with regard to the estate of a person who may have executed a designated beneficiary agreement.
SB12-152 Procedure for Filing Reports with the General Assembly Cadman / Ferrandino Concerning changes to the procedures for filing reports with the General Assembly under the “Information Coordination Act”.


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