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Gov. Hickenlooper signs several bills

DENVER — Friday, April 6, 2012 — Gov. John Hickenlooper signed several bills into law today.


Number Title Sponsors Summary
HB12-1026 Municipal Prosecuting Attorney Peace Officers Coram /Roberts Concerning peace officer status for certain municipality prosecuting attorneys
HB12-1094 Parking In Front Of Fire Hydrant Penalty Kerr A./ King S. Concerning increasing the fine for parking in front of a fire hydrant in an unincorporated area of a county
HB12-1097 Food Protection Act Civil Penalties Summers / Jahn Concerning civil penalties for retail food establishments
HB12-1178 Notice For Tax Refund Of Lost Gas Or Special Fuel Vigil / Schwartz Concerning the deadline for filing notice for reimbursement of tax payments for lost gasoline or special fuel
HB12-1181 Supplemental Appropriations Department of Corrections JBC Concerning a supplemental appropriation to the department of corrections
HB12-1216 Drivers Licensing Services Fund JBC Concerning the financing of the division of motor vehicles in the department of revenue, and, in the connection therewith, making and reducing appropriations
HB12-1222 Recreate CDOT Renovation Fund JBC Concerning the recreation of the department of transportation renovation fund to be used for transportation-related purposes
HB12-1229 Publication Requirements Legal Notice In Newspaper Murray / Scheffel Concerning publication requirements for a newspaper in which a legal notice or advertisement is printed
HB12-1269 FCPA Disclosure Candidate Committee Special District Election Kerr J. / Roberts Concerning the threshold amount of campaign activities by a candidate committee in connection with a special district election that triggers disclosure requirements under the “fair campaign practices act”
HB12-1285 Intergovernmental Coop Wildland Fire Mitigation Gerou / Jahn Concerning modification to statutory provisions governing intergovernmental cooperation to address wildland fire mitigation where a municipality owns land inside a county for utility purposes
SB12-007 Group Special License Plate Procedure Hudak / Hamner Concerning the standardization of the procedural requirements for the issuance of the special license plates
SB12-031 Federal Mineral Lease Districts White / Bradford Concerning federal mineral lease districts
SB12-066 Guardianship Program Eligibility Nicholson / Gardner B. Concerning expanding those persons eligible as guardians in the guardianship assistance program to include persons ascribed by the family as having a family-like relationship with the child
SB12-077 Repeal Regulation Of Yellow Grease By CDPHE Jahn / Sonnenberg Concerning the repeal of laws under which the Colorado department of public health and environment regulated certain activities associated with yellow grease


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