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Lt. Gov. Garcia signs order to activate National Guard to assist at the Lower North Fork Fire

DENVER — Tuesday, March 27, 2012 — Lt. Gov. Joe Garcia signed an Executive Order today that authorizes the National Guard to provide firefighting assistance at the Lower North Fork Fire.


“We are concerned first and foremost with the safety of people and property in the fire zone. Our thoughts and prayers are also with those families who have already lost their homes,” Garcia said. “We continue to work with local and federal authorities to provide whatever resources necessary to get this fire under control.”


The Colorado Army National Guard today launched two UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters to help battle the Lower North Fork Fire. Each helicopter is equipped with a 500-gallon bucket to drop water on the fire.


The Executive Order also activates the State Emergency Operations Plan.


“All State departments and agencies shall take whatever actions may be required and requested by the Director of the Division of Emergency Management or the Colorado State Forest Service, including provision of appropriate staff and equipment as necessary,” the Order says.


Garcia signed the Executive Order because Gov. John Hickenlooper is on a trade mission to Mexico. The governor is receiving regular updates about the fire.


The full text of the Executive Order can be found here.