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Council Documents

Council Draft Recommendations


Colorado Professional Standards for Teachers

Colorado Professional Standards for Principals



2010 Meeting Presentations and Documents


February 11, 2011


Measuring Student Growth for Use in Teacher Evaluations

Measuring Student Growth for Use in Principal Evaluations

Implementation Matrix

Policy Alignment

TAG Executive Summary

SCEE Parent Engagement TAG Report


January 28, 2011


Meeting Talking Points


Colorado Professional Teaching Standards

Colorado Professional Standards for Teachers

Measuring Teacher Practice for Use in Teacher Evaluations

Colorado Principal Standards

Colorado Professional Standards for Principals

Measuring Principal Practice for Use in Principal Evaluations

Measurement and Evaluation Considerations


January 24, 2011


Meeting Highlights

Recommendations for Measuring Student Growth for Teachers

Principal Student Growth Recommendations

Colorado Principal Standards  

Colorado Standards for School Principals



Janaury 13, 2011



Generic State System to Evaluate Teachers Flowchart

Colorado Professional Teaching Standards

2nd Read Protocol

Retreat Changes to Teacher Standards

Guidelines for a Colorado Educator Performance Evaluation System

Measures of Effective Teaching (MET) Project


January 14, 2011


Colorado Principal Standards and Elements

Principal Framework Flow Chart

Principal Flowchart District Approach 1

Principal Flowchart District Approach 2

Principal Flowchart District Approach 3

Guidelines for Principal Framework


January 15, 2011


Measuring Educator Effectiveness to Improve Teaching and LearningWrested Conference; January 6-7, 2011

Data Decision Flowchart for Calculating Student Growth

Required and Supplementary Assessments and Measures by Personnel Type

Requirements and Considerations of Available Assessments and Measures for Growth

Colorado Teacher of Record Definition

Colorado Definition of Effective Teachers

Colorado Definition of Effective Principals


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December 17, 2010

Talking Points



Colorado Professional Teaching Standards

Colorado Professional Teaching Standards Booklet

Criteria and Considerations for Evaluating Student Academic Growth

Working Group Report Template Pilot & Implementation

Working Group Report Guidelines for Adequate Implementation

CDE Guidelines Working Group

1st Read Reflection - CDE Guidelines for adequate implementation of a high-quality evaluation system

1st Read Reflection - CDE Guidelines Pilot and Implementation

1st Read Reflection - Policy/System Compiled

Policy Work Group Overview

TAG Working Group Report

SCEE Flowchart

Measurement Framework Recommendation

Discussion Questions and Note Taking Protocol

State Model Framework and Opt in vs. Opt out

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December 3, 2010

Talking Points


Reading Questions

A Grand Bargain for Education Reform: New Rewards and Supports for New Accountability



November 19, 2010

Meeting Summary



A Sample Measurement Framework for Standard IV

Recommendation Review

The Challenges of Educator Accountability for Personnel in Non-Tested Subjects and Grades

McRel Work on Teacher and Principal Standards

Overview of SB 191 - Ensuring Quality Instruction through Educator Effectiveness

Audio (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)



Novemeber 9, 2010


Developing a Framework for Measuring Educator Effectiveness

Measurement Framework Exercise

Framing and Progress Monitoring

Guiding Questions & Note Catcher



October 29, 2010



SCEE Charge

Collaboration and Decision-Making Guidelines

Minority Report

SCEE Opt Out Summary

State-Local Continuum

North Carolina Teacher Evaluation Process

Models of Measurement Frameworks and Tools

Harrison Teacher Evaluation Framework

1st Read Reflection Template

Student Growth and Value-Added

Audio (1) (2)



October 15, 2010


The Seven Norms of Collaborative Work

Assessing Seven Norms of Collaborative Work in a Key Work Setting

Council Systems Audit

Collaboration and Decision-Making Guidelines

Altitude Pros and Cons

North Carolina Teacher Standards

North Carolina Standards - Feedback from CO District Leaders and National Experts

North Carolina Teacher Evaluation Booklet

WestEd and Eagle County Strategic Compensation Conference Report out on Lessons Learned



October 1, 2010


Student Growth and Value-Added - Damian W. Betebenner

Proposed SCEE Teacher Standards

SCEE Deliverables - Policy and Parents

SCEE Deliverables - TAG System Rollout and Appeals

SCEE Deliverables - Teacher and Principal Standards

Teacher Standards Review

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September 17, 2010


Big Picture Look at Data and Decisions

Principal Standards Matrix

Teacher Standards Matrix

Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC) Core Standards

Teacher Standards Small Group Outcomes

Principal Standards Review SCEE

PTA Standards

Public Comment

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September 3, 2010



Public Comment Process

SCEE Project Dashboard

SCEE Meeting Dates

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August 20, 2010





July 21, 2010



Recent and Upcoming TAG Work Presentation



June 18, 2010




May 21, 2010





April 21, 2010



National, State and Local Trends Presentation

Council for Educator Effectiveness Charts Presentation



March 11, 2010



Governor’s Council for Educator Effectiveness Presentation