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2011 Legislation

Short Title:  Limit Government Fee Install Solar Energy Panel
StatusGovernor Action – Signed
Existing law, which will repeal on July 1, 2011, prohibits counties and municipalities from charging permit fees to install an active solar energy device or system that, in aggregate, exceed the lesser of the local government's actual costs in issuing the permit or $500 for a residential application or $1,000 for a nonresidential application.


Short Title:  Hydroelectricity & Pumped Hydroelectricity
Status: Governor Action – Signed
The bill adds hydroelectricity and pumped hydroelectricity to the list of technologies that the public utilities commission may give the fullest possible consideration when considering generation acquisitions for electric utilities.


Short Title:  Governor’s Energy Office Green Building Incentive Program
Sponsors:  GEROU/-
Status:  Governor Action – Signed
The bill requires the governor's energy office (office) to create a green building incentive pilot program whereby the office awards grants to qualified homebuyers who are selling current primary residences with home energy ratings below minimum standards and purchasing highly efficient new residential construction. The grant allows the qualified homebuyer to make improvements to the homebuyer's current primary residence for purposes of increasing the residence's energy efficiency. The office is to award grants from federal funds transferred to the office that the office has already received or may receive in the future. The office may require additional information to secure future federal funds.


Short Title:  Streamline Electric Powerline Siting
StatusGovernor Action – Signed
Under current law, siting authority for an electric transmission facility must be obtained from each county and municipality in which the facility is located. Under the bill, if an electric utility's proposed electric transmission facility is specifically listed in a current statewide electric transmission plan adopted pursuant to rules promulgated by the public utilities commission (PUC), siting authority for the facility is acquired by getting approval of the PUC and a newly created siting commission, which consists of 3 utility regulators, 3 representatives of local governments affected by the particular application, and one representative of the public, all of whom are appointed by the governor. Both the PUC and the siting commission must act within 180 days after the filing of a complete application or the application is deemed to have been approved. Appeals of the PUC's and the siting commission's decisions are to the court of appeals