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Jeff Ackermann - Director

Nancey Steinheimer Assistant to the Director

 Contact: 303-866-2462

Adrienne DorseyWeatherization Outreach Manager

Adrienne is responsible for partnering with local weatherization agencies to support outreach efforts and works closely with those tied to disaster relief initiatives.  In addition, she develops strategic partnerships to advance energy projects targeting low-income Coloradans.

Contact:  303-866-2791


Andrew SandLegislative Liaison and Policy Advisor 

Andrew works on legislative affairs, researches and develops policy and legislative initiatives, monitors energy legislation, and provides stakeholder support for emerging energy markets.

Contact: 303-866-2206


Andy Cordova - Weatherization Technical Program Manager

Andy’s years of experience in weatherization enable him to oversee all technical functions and quality assurance of the CEO Weatherization program.

Contact: 303-866-2497


Cabell Hodge - Policy, Regulatory, and Emerging Markets Manager

Cabell prepares analyses of legislation and regulatory policy for a variety of energy issues.  Additionally, he manages programs in emerging markets such as alternative fuel vehicles and advances in traditional energy production.

Contact: 303-866-2204


Chi Nguyen - Network Administrator


Christopher Worley - Director of Policy & Research

Chris oversees the Policy & Research group, which engages with external stakeholders and provides technical support to the Colorado General Assembly and to state agencies.

Contact: 303-866-2614


Christian Williss - Director of Programs & Initiatives 

Christian manages all of CEO's programs including residential and commercial buildings.

Contact: 303-866-2386


Cindy Callaway - Accounting Technician

Cindy is an integral member of the accounting team. She processes payments and assists the staff and accounting team with a myriad of daily tasks.


David Crosby - Weatherization Contracts and Outcomes Manager

David assists with managing the sub-grantees in the Weatherization Assistance Program.  His responsibilities include monitoring production goals and ensuring that budgetary and financial requirements are met during performance periods.

Contact: 303-866-6120


Don Walker - Weatherization Quality Assurance Manager

Don oversees the weatherization Quality Assurance Program and performs inspections of the weatherization work performed in Colorado. He also provides program guidance to weatherization agencies around Colorado while updating and monitoring policies and procedures.

Contact: 303-866-2212


Jeanna Paluzzi - Energy Performance Contracting Program Manager

Jeanna manages CEO's public sector energy performance contracting program as well as its private sector pilot program.   

Contact: 303-866-3464


Joseph Pereira - Director of Weatherization

Joe is responsible for the strategic direction and long-term vision of the weatherization program.

Contact: 303-866-4663


Karen Phelan - Deputy Director

Contact:  303-866-2262


Kimberly Speyrer - Weatherization Contracts and Outcomes Manager

Kimberly assists with managing the sub-grantees in the Weatherization Assistance Program.  Her responsibilities include monitoring production goals and ensuring that budgetary and financial requirements are met during performance periods.

Contact: 303-866-2264



Lindsey Wedewer - Policy & Regulatory Analyst

Lindsey monitors and analyzes energy-related regulatory and policy developments, as well as provides research and development support for new initiatives aimed at advancing emerging energy markets.

Contact: 303-866-2594


Matthew Campagnoli - Budget Management Analyst

Matt sets up competitive solicitations, manages the performance of contracts and manages both quarterly and annual reporting.

Contact: 303-866-3964


Matthew Robinson - Program Engineer 

Matthew supports CEO’s programs, in particular the Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) program, by providing engineering technical assistance to support energy and resource efficiency activities in state facilities, K12 schools, colleges and local government facilities.

Contact: 303-866-2660


Michael McReynolds - Policy, Outreach, and Emerging Markets Manager

 Michael prepares analyses of legislation and regulatory policy for a variety of energy issues. He actively provides outreach to energy industry stakeholders and manages emerging market programs in areas such as transportation fuels.

Contact: 303-866-3873


Michael Turner - Energy Efficiency Programs Manager

Michael manages energy efficiency programs for the State's K-12, state and local government, and commercial/industrial sectors.

Contact: 303-866-6665

Nancy Burkhart - Communications Associate

Nancy provides support to CEO program managers by writing and editing content for websites, publications, and marketing materials.

Contact: 303-866-2391

Paul Scharfenberger - Director of Finance & Operations

Paul manages CEO's market-facing finance programs and oversees CEO's accounting, contracting, and grant management activities. As director he manages all operations and finances of the office, providing strategic oversight and continuous management.

Contact: 303-866-2432


Peter Rusin - Residential Buildings Program Manager

Peter works programs and policies to increase the energy efficiency of residential buildings in Colorado. In this role he works to reduce the barriers to valuing energy efficiency in the home buying process, specifically on the Green MLS initiative, valuation case studies, and professional real estate training. Additionally, Peter oversees the ebergy codes program.

Contact: 303-866-2343


Ryan HarryWeatherization Program Analyst

Ryan administers the weatherization SharePoint system and works closely with his colleagues to analyze utility partner and local agency performance data. 

Contact:  303-866-5917


Ryan Manzik - Weatherization Performance & Relations Manager

Along with administering the annual Request for Applications process for State weatherization agencies, Ryan also consults on and communicates about all aspects of the weatherization program.

Contact:  303-866-6472


Sara Graf - Senior Contracts Manager

Sara oversees and manages the contract and procurement process for the CEO. She serves as the primary purchasing agent for the agency while developing applications and solicitations for grants and professional services to ensure compliance with state and federal guidelines.

Contact: 303-866-2326


Wes Maurer - Transportation Program Manager

Wes manages CEO’s transportation programs, including ALT Fuels Colorado and Charge Ahead Colorado. Additionally, he performs market research to guide program focus and delivery, conducts stakeholder and program outreach, and ensures the successful deployment of statewide infrastructure for alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs).

Contact: 303-866-2064


Zach OwensAssociate Program Manager 

Zach works with the Programs and Initiatives Team to ensure effective management of existing programs and launch of new initiatives in Public Sector, Commercial, Residential and Transportation markets. 

Contact: 303-866-3279


Zac Stewart Weatherization Technical and Training Specialist 

Contact: 303-866-2084