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Private EPC Solicitation

Open Solicitation: Commercial Partners for Private Sector Energy Performance Contracting Pilot Program



Note:  In order to review as many promising projects as possible, this solicitation will transition to a rolling application after August 31, 2012.  Please submit proposals as soon as possible to ensure availability of funds.  The solicitation will remain open until funds for this phase are exhausted.  




Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) is a financing method that allows energy efficiency upgrades to be implemented with no upfront costs, using a performance guarantee to ensure that the project’s energy savings are sufficient to repay a capital lease. EPC projects have been highly successful in Colorado’s public sector, and the Colorado Energy Office (CEO) is working to transfer these lessons learned to private sector entities. The CEO has received a grant award from the U.S. Department of Energy and is looking for up to 20 private sector partners. These partners will receive an introduction to the EPC process as a means to establish and achieve ambitious energy goals and advance energy projects in their facilities.

Selected partners will enter into a contractual relationship with the CEO and will receive free project guidance and technical assistance that will facilitate project completion. In addition, partners will be eligible for a subsidy of 75% (capped at $25,000, less any available utility rebate) for a technical energy assessment and will have their successful projects highlighted by the CEO. All applicable state and federal terms and conditions will apply to this project.

Submission of Proposals

Please provide the following information to submit a proposal:

•   A completed Facility Information Request Form

•   A commitment letter from a high-ranking representative with decision-making authority over facility investments. The letter must, at a minimum, detail any existing energy programs, explain the value of EPC to your organization, designate a staff lead to participate in the CEO program, and indicate a strong willingness to consider cost-effective capital upgrades that may be indentified through the technical energy assessment.

•  Please submit your proposals via email HERE.


Prior to selection, organizations will be asked to provide basic financial information to ensure that any energy efficiency project will be financable in the market.


The proposals determined by the CEO to offer the greatest likelihood of resulting in a successful EPC project will be awarded a contract. Selection criteria include a willingness to implement energy improvements and an annual utility spend that is significant enough to support an EPC project. Broad geographic and business sector representation across Colorado is preferred, which may require otherwise strong proposals to be rejected to avoid a concentration in one area or industry.


Award Information

The CEO reserves the right to reject all proposals and solicit new proposals at any time prior to contract start date. The CEO reserves the right to cancel this solicitation in its entirety at any time without penalty. Illegible quotes or writing shall be deemed non-responsive and will not be evaluated. A quote with missing or inconsistent information may be considered non-responsive and may not be evaluated. The CEO will be the sole judge in determining the acceptability of a proposal. The CEO reserves the right to reject any or all proposals in part or in whole.