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National Plug In Day is Sunday, September 28, 2013, a nationwide event to spotlight the environmental and economic benefits of electric vehicles.  Locally, Denver Metro Clean Cities Coalition is hosting an event titled, “Take Charge!” at;


South High School

1700 E. Louisiana Ave.

Denver, CO 80210

11:00am – 3:00pm 


The event will showcase Electric Vehicles (EVs) both new and old.  There will also be EV charging equipment on display with experts available to answer any EV questions.   


This year’s event may be more significant for EV awareness as gasoline prices continue to increase causing a financial burden on drivers while EV’s and charging infrastructure are becoming more common throughout the State. The Colorado Energy Office (CEO) Charge Ahead Colorado program is leading this expansion of local EV infrastructure. To date the program has provided financial assistance for the installation of over 42 charging stations across Colorado.


Colorado has made significant progress surrounding the mass implementation of electric vehicles since last year’s Plug In Day.  House bill 1247, which passed in the spring, clarifies and extends the innovative   vehicle tax credit through 2021. The clarification ensures that PHEV’s are eligible for credits. Additionally, SB-126 was passed which prevents HOA’s and landlords from unreasonably limiting access EV charging by owners or tenants.  The bill also expands CEO’s Charge Ahead Colorado program to allow for grants to HOA’s and multi-family dwellings in addition to local governments and non-profits.


Electric Vehicle Facts:

·         According the Department of Energy, there are over 100,000 plug-in vehicles on roads across the U.S. 

·         Some studies have shown that the cost of ownership of an electric vehicle is lower than a gasoline or hybrid vehicle in the same class.

·         Innovation in batteries and vehicle technologies are continuing, which will have benefits beyond transportation. 


For more info on electric vehicles and this year’s Plug In Day, check out The Electric Ride website.