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Small Scale Wind Power

Colorado is ranked 11th in the nation for its overall wind energy potential. In general terms, small-scale wind power in Colorado is defined as any project under 30 MW. Projects of this type are mostly community-based and geographically diverse. Unlike large-scale wind power, these opportunities tend not to be concentrated geographically in any one area of the state. It's important to consider that the wind potential and the technical challenges of producing small-scale wind power can vary significantly between neighboring areas around the state via the Wind for Schools Program.


Wind for Schools Program - Educating Students, Teachers and Communities

The Wind for Schools (WfS) program aims to:


  • Engage rural schoolteachers and students in wind energy education.

  • Equip college students in wind energy applications and education to provide the growing wind industry with interested and equipped engineers.

  • Introduce wind energy, on a small scale, to rural communities to initiate dialogue about the benefits and issues associated with wind energy.

Selected host schools receive a small 1.8-kilowatt wind turbine to give students both a concrete example of how wind energy works and an exciting hands-on educational opportunity using state-of-the-art technology. Since its inception, more than 10 Colorado schools have joined program with the support of the Colorado Energy Office. The program hopes to install many more small wind turbines at rural schools throughout Colorado.