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The Energy Savings for Schools Program

The Energy Savings for Schools Program (ESS) Program provides energy management assistance and project implementation support to Colorado K-12 public schools, with a geographical emphasis on rural and low-income communities. The ESS program, set to launch in spring 2015, will work with over 24 schools per year to achieve measurable savings and create sustainable energy programs.  The ESS program is CEO’s comprehensive K-12 energy efficiency program that consolidates all of CEO’s K-12 program offerings and statutory obligations. The core component of the program includes a formalized and systematic approach to energy management for schools that will include a free energy audit, preliminary renewable energy assessment, technical and implementation support, and energy coaching. Schools will also be connected to other resources that can help them meet their energy goals. In addition to this core component, the program will provide energy services for a variety of programs supported by CEO including: the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for Schools (REEES) Loan Program, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s Supplemental Environmental Projects Program (SEP), the High Performing Schools Program, CEO’s Energy Performance Contracting, and the Renew Our Schools Program. 


Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency for Schools (REEES) loan program:

The REEES program provides school districts with loans for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects if they are unable to secure private sector financing.  To apply for a loan, a school district must receive approval from its board of education and have a team dedicated to the project.  Schools can receive assistance with the creation of an energy efficiency plan. A link to the REEES loan program can be found HERE



Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEPs)

Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEPs) are administered by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), with technical energy support provided by CEO.  SEPs are a means by which penalties for environmental violations may be mitigated by directing funds toward environmentally beneficial projects. SEPs create a means for K-12 schools to benefit from an energy audit, feasibility study, or implementation of an energy efficiency or renewable energy project. An introduction to SEPs can be found HERE


High Performing School Program

Program Summary: The HPSP ensures best building practices are being utilized by schools for new construction and major renovations. Schools can receive guidance on how to achieve a High Performance Certification.  More information on the State’s High Performance Certification Program can be found HERE



Renew Our Schools Program

Program Summary: The Renew our Schools (RNOS) program is an energy conservation competition where schools compete to win a $20,000 prize for energy retrofits for their school.  It is an initiative provided by the Center for Resource Conservation. CEO is supporting the expansion of the RNOS competition to two additional school district in FY2015. CEO’s pilot partnership with the RNOS program will demonstrate how matching funding can expand the impact of the program and be used as a conduit for further energy management assistance and performance contracting in participating schools and school districts.  More information on the RNOS competition can be found HERE




If you have questions regarding any of the programs or would like to get involved please contact the Energy Efficiency Program Manager.