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“By June 30, 2012, the state of Colorado will reduce paper consumption by 20% from SFY 2005-06, zero waste from construction and operations, develop recycling programs and waste management strategies.”

Nearly everything we do creates some type of waste. Waste can be considered lost resources, and in today’s world of ever-decreasing natural resources, we must find ways to decrease our waste generation in order to become a more sustainable society. Moreover, state employees have a responsibility to the public to be fiscally responsible and use our budgets and resources wisely.

Reducing our waste and recycling what waste we do generate provides both economic and environmental benefits for Colorado and state agencies. A strong waste reduction and recycling program can also reduce the extraction of natural resources and minimize the associated environmental impacts.


What State Agencies Can Do

There are a number of actions you can take to reduce waste in your agency.

Office Paper

  • Measure paper purchases and set a minimum 20% reduction goal.
  • Establish and promote a double-sided printing policy to ensure that internal and external documents are printed on both sides.
  • Require vendors to submit proposals in a double-sided format without extraneous materials.
  • Convert office administration and communications to an electronic format.


Office Supplies and Electronics

  • Encourage reuse of unused office supplies.
  • Review your agency’s electronics replacement policy. Monitors are often replaced prematurely. Replace CRT monitors with LCD monitors that last longer, contain less toxic material and are easier on the eyes.
  • Initiate or continue with paper, plastic and aluminum recycling.
  • Publicize your recycling data results to your employees so they know how they are doing.


Locate a Recycling Vendor

If your facility is managed by the Department of Personnel and Administration, Capitol Complex, contact Richard Lee at 303-866-3838 or Richard.lee@state.co.us to discuss your options.


If your facility is outside of the Capitol Complex, contact The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.


For more information:

Contact the GEO Greening Government Program Manager