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State Fleet

“By June 30, 2012, the state of Colorado will reduce volumetric petroleum consumption in state fleet vehicles by 25% from state fiscal year 2005-06 baseline. Fifty percent of state fleet fuel purchases will be alternative fuels and 20% of state fleet diesel vehicles will be fueled with biodiesel.”


Our focus on greening fleet operations and employee commutes will benefit the people of Colorado through increased energy independence, reduced environmental impacts and traffic congestion, and increased investment in alternative vehicle and fuel technology. What are we doing to make government transportation more energy efficient? The Greening Government Coordinating Council conducted a transportation audit to review the efficiency of the state fleet and survey employee commute patterns, and to develop strategies to reduce the environmental impact of both. Greening Government has also completed an employee survey to help identify the best strategies for reducing emissions from employee commuting. Read the Transportation Efficiency Audit pdf file . See the results of the employee commuting survey on the Greening Government page.

What State Agencies Can Do

The Greening Government Council and the GEO advocate and provide assistance to move Colorado agencies toward optimal transportation efficiency. This website lists steps you can take immediately to help achieve the petroleum consumption reduction goals and reduce your impact on the environment. For more information: