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Colorado's Electricity Portfolio

Colorado is fortunate to have a diversity of economically competitive energy resources for electricity generation.  The state has many traditional energy resources such as coal, natural gas, and hydro-electric facilities.  Further, Colorado is home to some of the best wind and solar resources in the country and has opportunities to pursue small-hydro electric, geothermal, biomass, and other innovative energy resources.  Each resource has its benefits and challenges, and Colorado has a motivated population that has shown dedication to utilizing the breadth of its energy resources to evolve in a quickly changing energy landscape.


Electricity plays a critical role in the modern economy by serving homes, businesses, and customers in the agricultural and industrial sectors.  For example, electricity allows residential customers to turn on their lights, run their appliances, cool their homes, and charge mobile devices.  Electricity is generated by converting one source of energy (like kinetic energy in the wind or chemical energy in coal and natural gas) into electrical energy.


Coloradoans purchase electricity from a variety of electric utilities depending on where they live. There are two investor-owned utilities Public Service Company of Colorado, also known as Xcel Energy, and Black Hills Energy Corp. The state is also services by 29 municipal utilities and 22 rural electric coops. Each utility generates electricity from a different mix of fuel sources.  Below is a chart of Colorado’s electricity generation across each of its utilities.


Electricity Portfolio


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