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According to the Colorado Energy Office’s (CEO) 2013 Agricultural Energy Market Research Report, Colorado’s agriculture industry incurs more than $400 million annually in energy costs – accounting for seven percent of the industry’s overall expenses. Colorado’s agricultural producers have an opportunity to reduce their energy costs by turning to more energy efficient equipment and operations. There are numerous resources available to producers interested in greater energy efficiency however in the past they have not always been well-marketed or coordinated. 


In spring 2014, CEO launched a pilot program to help make achieving energy efficiency easy for producers. Working with numerous industry stakeholders, the pilot brought existing resources and partners together while leveraging new funding and a turnkey approach.   Successfully completed on June 30, 2014, The Colorado Energy Office (CEO), in collaboration with the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) and various partners, will build upon the success of the Colorado Dairy and Irrigation Efficiency pilot program and implement a statewide program this fall to reduce energy use in Colorado’s agricultural sector.  More information on the statewide program will be available later this year, please check back for details then. 


2013 Colorado Agricultural Energy Market Research Report Overview


•       Colorado agriculture faces direct energy expenses of more than $400 million annually.

•       Energy costs account for 7% of the Colorado agricultural industry’s overall expenses.

•       In Colorado, electricity constitutes 41% of energy expenses for agricultural operations.

•       Powered irrigation was responsible for 53% of the total electric expenses in Colorado’s agricultural sector in 2008.

•       In a survey of 138 producers, 62.3% indicated an interest in implementing an energy efficiency project within the next five     years.