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Agriculture Energy Efficiency

The Colorado Energy Office (CEO), in collaboration with the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) and various partners, will build upon the success of the Colorado Dairy and Irrigation Efficiency pilot program and implement a statewide program to reduce energy use in Colorado’s agricultural sector. Find the pilot program case study HERE.


The Colorado Dairy and Irrigation Efficiency Program is scheduled to launch in March of 2015.


CEO’s statewide program will bring existing resources and partners together and leverage new funding and a turnkey approach that make achieving energy efficiency easy for producers.


CEO will engage the services of an experienced third party contractor to provide FREE energy audits and technical support services to a minimum of 80 producers annually. The CEO’s contractor will serve as the point of contact for the program and will assist producers in selecting and implementing cost effective improvements that reduce energy use, environmental impacts, and producer operating costs. CEO will leverage the contractor’s role in this program to monitor individual producer and overall program progress and track and report on improvements, energy and cost savings, and GHG reductions.


The project objectives include reduced energy use for producers (reduction in Kwh, therms, and gallons of propane), increased environmental benefits (GHG reduction and air quality improvements), and producer cost savings.


The outcomes of the program will not only address natural resource concerns by delivering substantial environmental benefits but will make Colorado producers more competitive by providing critical economic savings that improve the financial operation of their farms.


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