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»  Energy Acronym Key - List of acronyms & terms commonly used in the energy industry.


»  History of Energy Use at the State Capitol - History about the heating, cooling and lighting of the Colorado State capitol.



» Colorado Market Assessment of Agricultural Anaerobic Digesters


» The Electric Vehicle Market Implementation Study 


» The Colorado State Fleet Opportunity Assessment


» An Early Look at Energy Efficiency and Contributory Value


»  Colorado Climate Change Vulnerability Study


» The Colorado Energy Office FY13/14 Annual Report 


»  Colorado's Key Energy Industry Network Report 


»  The Colorado State Energy Report 2014


»  Produced Water Beneficial Use Dialogue


»  The Colorado Energy Office Residential Photovoltaic Systems Case Study 


»  The Colorado Energy Office FY12/13 Annual Report


 »  Colorado Small Hydropower Handbook  - A step-by-step guide to permitting, designing and building small hydropower systems in Colorado.

    Small Hydro Case Studies:  Town of Basalt & Bear River Ranch


»  Colorado Agricultural Energy Market Research Report - This report is the final phase of a Colorado Energy Office project that focuses on energy opportunities in the State of Colorado’s agricultural sector.


»  2012 Colorado Greening Government Report (Executive Summary)


»  American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Report - Final report to the DOE on SEP-ARRA funds.


»  Final ARRA Evaluation Report - The measurement & verification report evaluating the gross and net impact energy savings associated with three ARRA funding streams.


»  Colorado Energy Assurance Emergency Plan - A resource for the State of Colorado to improve emergency operations in preparing for, responding to and recovering from an energy sector power failure.


»  Colorado Low-Impact Hydropower Permitting Guide - A compilation of tips and lessons-learned to assist low-impact hydropower project developers.


»  CNG Case Studies Appendices - A series of case studies & findings from Colorado State fleet managers who use compressed natural gas (CNG) as a vehicle fuel.


»  Colorado NGV Market Implementation Study


»  REDI Report - Renewable Energy Development Infrastructure Report.


»  SB91 Report - Report on the Colorado Senate Bill 07-091Renewable Resource Generation Development Areas Task Force.


»  STAR Report - A detailed analysis in which Colorado’s utilities can plan for both demand side and supply side resources.


»  2010 Colorado Utilities Report - A compendium of data that provides insight into the current operational state of Colorado’s electric and gas utilities.


»  Deploying Smart Grid in Colorado - A report covering the topics delineated in SB 10-180.


Audit Results

»  United States Government Accountability Audit

»  Weatherization Assistance Program Audit

»  Performance Audit 

»  CEO Audit Response


Additional Resources

»  List of Solar Energy Businesses in Colorado:

»  DOE:  Energy Information Administration

»  American Wind Energy Association

»  Solar Energy Industries Association

»  Electric Ride Colorado (All About Electric Vehicles)