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About Us

Our Mission:

To improve the effective use of all of Colorado's energy resources and the efficient consumption of energy in all economic sectors, through providing technical guidance, financial support, policy advocacy and public communications.


Our Vision:

To help Coloradoans live more prosperous and healthy lives by promoting innovative energy production and efficient energy consumption practices that are beneficial to the economic and environmental health of the state.


About Our Office:



Contact Us

»  Mail:  1580 Logan Street, Suite 100, Denver, CO 80203

»  Office:  (303) 866-2100

»  Email:  Coloradoenergyoffice@state.co.us

»  Fax:  (303) 866-2930 


Media Contact

»  Denise Stepto - Deputy Director & Communications Director

»  Office:  303-866-2262

»  Cell:  720-648-3384

»  Email:  denise.stepto@state.co.us