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Floral Regulations


Fresh cut flowers may be placed on graves at any time. They will be removed from graves as soon as they become unsightly or when they interfere with mowing.


Plantings are not permitted on graves at any time.


Glass containers are not allowed at the cemetery. Please inform the florist of this restriction. Flowere may be left at the cemetery after the service and, if requested, will be placed at the gravesite.


Artificial flowers may be placed on graves only when their presence will not interfere with grounds maintenance (normally from November 1st to April 1st). They will, however, be allowed on graves for a period extending 10 days before through 10 days after Easter Sunday and Memorial Day.


During lawn mowing and grounds maintenance season, all floral items will be removed from graves weekly. The only exception will be during the Easter Sunday and Memorial Day periods.


Holiday wreaths, blankets, and other seasonal adornments are permitted on graves from December 1st through January 20th. They will be removed after that time.


Permanent types of flower containers, statues, vigil lights, glass objects of any kind and other types of commemorative items are not permitted at any time. However, metal vases are available at no charge for use at in-ground graves and may be obtained at any one of the three floral stations in the Cemetery.


Floral items and other types of decorations will not be secured to markers.


The Veterans Memorial Cemetery of Western Colorado does not permit items on graves which are: considered offensive; inconsistent with the dignity of the Cemetery; and/or, considered hazardous to Cemetery personnel (items incorporating beads or wires, for example, may become entangled in mowers or other equipment and cause injury).


All items placed on gravesites become the property of the Veterans Memorial Cemetery of Western Colorado and will be disposed of under applicable regulations. The Cemetery is not responsible for floral items/decorations after they have been placed on gravesites. Flowers are placed at one's own risk and will not be replaced if they are damaged, lost, or stolen.

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