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Colorado National Guard State Tuition Assistance


Tuition Assistance Contacts
Tel: 720-250-1550
Fax: 720-250-1559



Tutition Assistance applications are currently open.


Fall Spring Summer
Deadline 15 July Deadline 15 December Deadline 15 May



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State Tuition Assistance Overview

 Any member of the Colorado National Guard is eligible for state tuition assistance, up to 100% tuition paid at any of the following schools depending on funding available. State funding can be used in conjunction with Federal Tuition Assistance, not to exceed 100% of tuition. 


The following state funded institutions are sponsored by this program.


State Tuition Assistance Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What forms do I have to fill out, when are they due for each semester, and to where do I send them?


A. You must first apply online. Then, you must provide documentation to support your application. See below:


Deadlines for ONLINE Application submissions are usually as follows:


FALL: July 15th

SPRING: December 15th

SUMMER: May 15th






1. To satisfy proof of enrollment requirements:


Submit a copy of your class schedule


2. To verify your expenses:


Submit a cost breakdown of your tuition expenses


Examples of acceptable cost breakdowns: student account, ledger card, account summary (CSU Global applicants, requests should be made to be scheduled for the entire trimester and request a registration summary from your advisor).


3. To verify you are satisfactorily meeting CO National Guard performance levels:


Submit a completed 169C form, with Commanding Officer’s certification.


169C form is available for download in the navigation menu


You must initiate the documentation submission step immediately, to permit sufficient time for processing by unit of assignment and to meet the document submission deadline.


IMPORTANT: All required documentation is due to the State TA office within 4 weeks of your ONLINE application.


Late documentation will not be accepted without prior approval from the State TA manager.



Email (preferred method)



Fax: 720-250-1559



Department of Military and Veterans Affairs

Colorado State Tuition Assistance Office

6848 S. Revere Pkwy.

Centennial, CO 80112


Q. How will I (and my school) know I am approved for tuition assistance and how much tuition assistance will I be receiving?


A. After you have completed the online application and submitted all required documentation to the State Tuition Assistance office, an approval letter will be emailed to the PREFERRED email address you provided at the time you submitted your online application.


Be sure to provide an email address that you frequently utilize and keep an eye out for the letter or any contact attempts our office may make with you!


Paper letters are not issued! Failure to respond to our contact efforts, may result in your disqualification from the program!


This letter reflects the amount of money you may be eligible to receive. Sign it, date it and it MUST be turned into your school's billing/certifying official's office immediately or by their designated deadline, otherwise State TA will not be paid.


Q. Do I have to be a member of the Colorado National Guard (either Army or Air Force) to be eligible for the tuition benefits? Are spouses eligible?

A. Yes, you do have to be an active drilling member of the CONG. Spouses are NOT eligible for the tuition assistance program; however there are some private schools that have opted to waive registration/enrollment fees to military spouses. Please ask for discounts at the school.


The Education Office has many federal funded tests that are offered to spouses free of charge. Click on the federal tuition link for information.

Click Here for GoArmyEd


Q. How much Tuition Assistance does the state pay each semester?

A. State Tuition Assistance can pay up to 100% of your in-state tuition (after COF stipend applied) (not including fees). The awarded amount each semester is based on how many applications are received, and how much funding is available.


Q. Does State Tuition Assistance pay for out of state residents?

A. As of 1 July 2007, a member of the Colorado Guard whose sole residency is Colorado is eligible for in-state tuition status. Becoming a member of the Colorado Guard doesn't automatically give you in-state residency but it does make you eligible for the in-state tuition rate at state colleges and universities.


Q. Can I use State TA for cost of living expenses?

A. No. State TA is for tuition only (no fees). Checks are not issued directly to applicants. They are only issued to the school.


Q. What if I drop a class or withdraw from school?

A. If you drop a class, you must immediately notify the State TA Office. Your eligibility may need to be reduced.

If you withdraw completely from school, you are also required to notify the State TA office immediately so that funds may be reallocated.


Q. When will my State TA be paid?

A. Your school is permitted to invoice the State TA office once the add/drop period has ended AND they have received your signed/dated authorization (which you submit). Invoices will not be paid if your authorization letter is not included.


Q. Can I use my State Tuition Assistance in conjunction with any Federal Tuition Assistance programs?

A. Yes. You can use both Federal and State tuition assistance together. Your tuition cannot be funded over 100%.


Q. Is there a minimum CGPA requirement for State Tuition Assistance?

A. Yes. You are required to maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0. If you do not fulfill this requirement, the state is no longer obligated to pay your tuition.







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