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FYI 11: Lobbyists


Although lobbyists in the State of Colorado are regulated by the Secretary of State, pursuant to C.R.S. section 24-6-301 et seq., the Commission is frequently asked to render advice relating to lobbyists.  See, Advisory Opinion 11-08, Position Statement 09-01, and Letter Rulings 09-01, and 09-02

In Colorado, a person who is registered as a "professional lobbyist" with the Secretary of State may not knowingly offer or give or arrange to give a gift to a public official or employee, unless he or she is a member of the lobbyist's immediate family.   This includes people who are registered as legislative liaisons for state agencies. 

Although the Constitution is not explicit on this point, the IEC believes that it would also be prohibited for the public employee or official to receive the gift.

Members of the General Assembly and the Governor, Lietenant Governor, Secretary of State, Treasurer  and the Attorney General may not become professional lobbyists for two years after completing their terms.