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FYI 10: What are "other standards of conduct?"

Under Article XXIX, the Commission has jurisdiction not only for violations of that article, but also for “other standards of conduct and reporting requirements as provided by law.” The IEC has defined that phrase to mean other ethical violations such as conflict of interest and violation of state statutes regarding post employment restrictions. Other examples of standards of conduct under the Commission's jurisdiction include misuse of public resources, disclosure of confidential information,  and filing false or incomplete reports.  Many of these restrictions may be found in C.R.S. §24-18-101 et seq.  These statutes primarily deal with when a public employee or official should recuse him or herself because of a personal or financial interest in a matter, and/or should disclose the potential conflict..  


Some of the gift provisions in that statute have been superseded by Article XXIX. If you have any questions regarding “other standards of conduct” please contact the IEC.