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FYI 8: Education and Training

The mission of the IEC is to advance ethical conduct in government. The Commission structure as outlined in Article XXIX was meant to reduce or eliminate the impact of partisan politics on ethics decisions. Only two of the five members may be from the same political party. The current Commission is comprised of two Republicans, two Democrats and an unaffiliated voter. ( See  About the Commission for more information).   Because the IEC is a relatively new agency, many of the issues that come before it are new and different. The Commission therefore welcomes the opportunity to meet with public employees and officials to help spread the word about what the IEC does and how it interprets Article XXIX and other standards of conduct under its jurisdiction. For these reasons the IEC has a number of outreach and educational resources available.

Speaker’s Bureau

Commissioners and staff of the IEC are experts in the sections of Article XXIX and0.

 in promoting an ethical culture in government, and work with ethics professionals across the country discussing ethics issues and best practices. The IEC can provide a speaker for your organization and can focus presentations on areas of interest to your members or staff.

Printed Material

The IEC publishes material regarding past opinions, its operations, and these FYI’s that answer many common questions about the IEC. These publications are designed to provide government agencies with useful information on ethics issues.  A copy of the Commission's Handbook is available on the Home Page or may be accessed here. IEC Handbook


The IEC website provides a variety of information about the Commission and what it does. The website is also a good resource for meeting information, decisions and information about the Commission and its staff.

Education & Training

A top priority for the IEC is to reach out to government agencies, employees and officials  to help them recognize potential ethical issues before they act.  The IEC itself is a valuable resource to agencies, and is committed to helping government think proactively about ethical conduct. Various training and education resources are available – and can be customized to an agency’s specific needs.

Staff Inquiries

IEC staff is available to consult with anyone who has a question about the IEC, its procedures or the resources available. Informal questions may be asked anonymously.  Contact Maureen Toomey at  720.625.5697720.625.5694 or with any questions or comments.