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FYI 1: What is the IEC?



The IEC was created by voters in November 2006 with the passage of Amendment 41. The amendment became Article XXIX of the Colorado Constitution. Section 5 created the Commission to give advice on ethics questions for the executive and legislative branches of State government, as well as certain county and municipal governments. The Commission has promulgated Rules which govern its procedures.

Who makes up the IEC?

The IEC consists of five members appointed by the Governor, the Speaker of the House, the President of the Senate, the Chief Justice of the Colorado Supreme Court, and one by the other four Commissioners.  The "fifth" Commissioner must be a representative of local government.   The Commissioners serve without pay, but are reimbursed for expenses. No more than two members may be from the same political party.  Legislative appointees to the IEC must be approved by the Senate and House, and each serves a four year term. Terms are staggered but Commission members are not prohibited from serving multiple terms.

Some examples of questions that fall under the jurisdiction of the IEC include:


  • What is considered a gift?


  • When is it appropriate for a government employee or public official to accept gifts?

  • Is a government employee prohibited from taking a particular job after leaving a government job?

  • Is it permissible for a government employee to accept free travel to a conference for his or her job?

  • What public officials and employees are covered by Article XXIX?

The IEC has the authority to give advice on these and other ethics issues to government employees (see FYI 6), give advice to members of the public (see FYI 7) or issue broad position statements in response to issue that impact many people (see FYI 5). The IEC also hears formal ethics complaints and may impose monetary penalties in some circumstances.

How do I contact the IEC?

All correspondence to the IEC should be sent to:
The Independent Ethics Commission
1300 Broadway, Room 204
Denver, CO 80203

For additional information see FYI 2,  call 720.625.5697720.625.5694 or email the Assistant Director at