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Opinions Indexed by Date - 2010

2010 Chronological Index

Opinion                                           Topic

Position Statement 10-01                  Travel Paid For by Nonprofit

Letter Ruling 10-01                            Travel Paid For by a Nonprofit

Letter Ruling 10-02                            Entry Into Contract by Former Public Employee

Advisory Opinion 10-01                     Acceptance of Award by a Public Employee

Advisory Opinion 10-02                     Acceptance of Travel From the Federal Gov't

Advisory Opinion 10-03                     Acceptance of Expenses to Attend Meeting

Advisory Opinion 10-04                     Donation of Funds to Other Public Employees

Advisory Opinion 10-05                     Public Service Announcement by Elected Official

Advisory Opinion 10-06                     Acceptance of Travel From a For Profit Entity

Advisory Opinion 10-07                     Solicitation of Gifts

Advisory Opinion 10-08                     Contract by a Public Employee

Advisory Opinion 10-09                      Withdrawn

Advisory Opinion 10-10                      Travel Paid For by a Nonprofit (less than 5%)

Advisory Opinion 10-11                      Travel Paid For by a Foreign Government

Advisory Opinion 10-12                      Travel Paid For by a Nonprofit (more than 5%)

Advisory Opinion 10-13                       Withdrawn

Advisory Opinion 10-14                      Acceptance of a meal from a political subdivision

Advisory Opinion 10-15                      Future Employment of a Public Employee

Advisory Opinion 10-16                       Moot (See: Letter Ruling 10-02)

Advisory Opinion 10-17                      Travel Paid by a For Profit Entity

Advisory Opinion 10-18                      Solicitation of funds for Gubernatorial Transition

Advisory Opinion 10-19                      Travel Paid For by a Nonprofit (less than 5%)