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Opinions Indexed by Date - 2009

2009 Chronological Index

Opinion                                               Topic 

Position Statement 09-01                      Gifts from Lobbyists

Position Statement 09-02                      Definition of Representation- revolving door
                                                                limits for elected officials


Position Statement 09-03                      Negotiations for Future Employment-
                                                                when is it a gift?                                             

Position Statement 09-04                      Definition of “Person”

Position Statement 09-05                       Not Issued

Position Statement 09-06                       Not Issued

Position Statement 09-07                       Definition of “Independent Contractor”

Letter Ruling 09-01                                 Lunch With a Lobbyist

Letter Ruling 09-02                                 Luncheons paid for by a non-lobbyist

Letter Ruling 09-03                                 Meals to Board Members of Nonprofits

Letter Ruling 09-05                                 Free Attendance at Educational Events paid for 
                                                                 by a nonprofit

Letter Ruling 09-06                                 Participation in Tour by General Assembly paid 
                                                                 for by a for-profit organization.

Advisory Opinion 09-01                          Gifts to University Professors

Advisory Opinion 09-02                          ALJ Bar Association Dues

Advisory Opinion 09-03                          Acceptance of meals by State Patrol
                                                                 officers accompanying the Governor

Advisory Opinion 09-05                          Acceptance of Fellowship From Nonprofit

Advisory Opinion 09-06                          Service on the Board of a Nonprofit (conflict of

Advisory Opinion 09-07                          Acceptance of a Prize by Public Employee

Advisory Opinion 09-08                          Acceptance of Fellowship From Nonprofit

Advisory Opinion 09-09                          Free Admission to Events for members of the
                                                                Governor's by staff or cabinet