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The Independent Ethics Commission ("IEC") is a constitutionally created independent commission and is charged with the implementation of Article XXIX of the Colorado Constitution.  The purpose of the IEC is to give advice and guidance on ethics issues arising under Article 29 of the Colorado Constitution and any other standards of conduct or reporting requirements as provided by law, and to hear complaints, issue findings and assess penalties and sanctions where appropriate.

The Commission has jurisdiction over all State executive and legislative branch elected officials and employees, and local officials and employees, unless the county or municipality is a home-rule entity with its own ethics code.  The Commission does not have jurisdiction over judges or employees of the judicial branch   See FYI 9 for more information about the Commission's jurisdiction.



 Please contact the IEC if  you have any questions regarding whether the Commission has jurisdiction over a particular matter or whether something constitutes a gift.





The IEC's Budget Request for FY 2015 may be viewed here:


The IEC's Appropriation for FY 2014 may be viewed here:




Advisory Opinion requests and other materials must be submitted to the Independent Ethics Commission 10 days prior to the next scheduled meeting. 




Advisory Opinion 14-03 (Acceptance of Travel Expenses Paid for by a Third Party) Revised March 10, 2014


Scheduled Meetings


04/28/14 9 a.m. 1300 Broadway, Denver, Colorado
06/09/14 9 a.m. 1300 Broadway, Denver, Colorado
07/07/14 9 a.m. 1300 Broadway, Denver, Colorado
08/04/14 9 a.m. 1300 Broadway, Denver, Colorado
09/08/14 9 a.m. 1300 Broadway, Denver, Colorado


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