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Consumer Rights


Colorado Consumers: It's Time to Know Your Rights

As consumers of Colorado businesses and services, you may have more rights than you realize. DORA – Colorado’s consumer protection agency – is here to protect:


Your Money

You may have the right to bank in a Colorado bank or credit union and have your deposits federally insured up to $250,000


Your Home

You may have the right to modify the terms of your mortgage loan, but make sure the professional assisting you is either a licensed mortgage loan originator or an attorney.


Your Family

You have the right to challenge a denial of housing based on your marital or family status


Your Health

You have the right to question claims denied by your insurance company


Your Career

You have the right to file a discrimination claim if you feel your employer is discriminating against you for being pregnant, for your sexual orientation, for your gender or national origin, or for other protected classes


Your Credit

You have the right to receive written notice from credit card companies before they raise your interest rate


Your Future

You have the right to research the quality of treatment administered by licensed professionals regulated at DORA



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