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These bulletins are currently in effect.

Bulletins are the Division’s interpretations of existing insurance law or general statements of Division policy.  Bulletins themselves establish neither binding norms nor finally determine issues or rights.


For more information or questions, email DOI Rules and Records .


B-1.1 Bulletin Update pdf file

B-1.2 2007 Bulletin Reference Guide pdf file

B-1.3 Administrative Fines and Penalties pdf file

B-1.4 Bail Bond and Bail Recovery Prelicensure Education Curriculum Requirements, Submissions and Approval Guidelines and Course Completion Forms pdf file

B-1.5 Concerning Quit Claim Deeds as Collateral on Bail Bonds pdf file

B-1.6 Inspection and Copying of Public Records at the Division of Insurance pdf file

B-1.8 Suspected Fraudulent Claim Reporting

Bulletin withdrawn 01/04/2013

B-1.9 Producer Obligations Regarding Unauthorized and Illegal Health Coverage pdf file
B-1.10 Reporting a Judgment of Settlement Involving a Fraudulent Insurance Act pdf file

B-1.11 Questions and Answers Concerning Insurer's Requirements Related to Statutory Fraud Requirements pdf file

B-1.12 Bail Bonding Agent Appointments & Terminations pdf file  

Bulletin withdrawn 10/31/2013

B-1.13 On-line Complaint Verification (Reconciliation) pdf file

B-1.14 Producer Request for Extension to Meet Continuing Education Requirement pdf file

B-1.15 Guidelines for Rate, Rule, Loss Cost, and Form Filings Containing Confidential Information pdf file

B-1.16 Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Flood Insurance Training Requirements for Insurance Producers Selling Through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) pdf file

B-1.17 Electronic Transmission of Pre-licensure Education Course Completion Required for all Pre-licensing Providers pdf file

B-1.18 Electronic Transmission of CE Completion Required for all Continuing Education Providers pdf file

B-1.19 Requirement to File Rates Electronically Through SERFF pdf file

B-1.20 Expedited Review Process for Long Term Care Insurance Producer Training pdf file

B-1.21 Electronic New and Renewal License Application Required for Insurance Producers pdf file

B-1.22 Required Electronic Filing of the Title Affiliated Business Arrangement Disclosure pdf file

B-1.23 Electronic New and Renewal License Application Required for Insurance Producers pdf file

B-1.24 Proof of Legal Residence in United States for New and Renewing Insurance Producer Licenses pdf file

B-1.25 Insurance Company Appointment is a Requirement for a Bail Bonding Agent Insurance Producer License with a Surety Agent Line of Authority

Bulletin withdrawn 05/02/2013

B-1.26 Concerning a Surcharge on Fines and Monetary Penalties pdf file

 B-1.27 Cash-Bonding Agent and Professional Cash-Bail Premium Tax Payment Requirement and Fee Requirement

Bulletin withdrawn 10/31/2013

B-1.28 Annual Reporting Requirements and Format for Insurance Producers Authorized to Write Bail Bonds pdf file
 B-1.29 Standardization of Certain Bail Bonds Forms
 Bulletin withdrawn 6/11/2015
B-1.30 Acceptance of Service of Process pdf file

For more information or questions, email DOI Rules and Records  .



Currently there are none.


Lead Staff



For more information or questions, email DOI Rules and Records.


B-4.1 Life Insurance and Annuity Form Exemption Filings pdf file

B-4.2 Colorado Continuation Coverage pdf file

Bulletin withdrawn August 14, 2014

B-4.4 Concerning Commission Structures for Individual and Small Group Health Coverages pdf file

B-4.5 Suicide Exclusions and Exclusions for Intentionally Self-Inflicted Injuries in Health Insurance Policies pdf file

B-4.6 Mandatory Newborn Coverage and Premiums pdf file

B-4.7 Determination of Self-Employed Business Group of One Form and Disclosure Form for Self-Employed Business Groups of One Applying for Individual Health Benefit Plans

Bulletin withdrawn August 14, 2014
B-4.8 Concerning CoverColorado Standardized Notice Form For Health Insurers

Bulletin withdrawn August 14, 2014

B-4.9 Genetic Testing Consent Form pdf file

B-4.10 ERISA Plans Being Sold as a Substitute for Workers' Compensation Insurance Coverage pdf file

B-4.11 Calculating Medicare Supplement Premiums for Individuals Under Age 65 pdf file

B-4.12 Retained Assets Accounts: Settlement of Life Insurance Proceeds pdf file

B-4.13 Preauthorization for Treatments or Procedures by Health Plans pdf file

B-4.14 Concerning the Application of Small Group Laws to Association Plans pdf file

B-4.15 Rate Quotes for Small Employer Health Benefit Plans pdf file

B-4.16 Health Coverage Compliance Guides pdf file

B-4.17 Rates for Pilot Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements
Bulletin withdrawn August 14, 2014
Bulletin withdrawn March 19, 2015


B-4.19 Independent External Reviews for Denials of Health Claims pdf file  
B-4.19 Appendix A pdf file
B-4.19 Appendix B pdf file

B-4.20 Annual Report of Second-Level Internal and Independent External Review Appeals pdf file

B-4.21 Clarification on Commissions Payable on Medicare Supplement Policies pdf file

B-4.22 Concerning the Colorado Health Benefit Plan Description Form for the Standard Indemnity, Standard Preferred Provider, and Standard HMO Small Group Health Benefit Plans, for Use with the Sale of Individual Policies to Business Groups of One

Bulletin withdrawn August 14, 2014

B-4.23 Marketing Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage Plans pdf file

B-4.24 Immunizations pdf file

B-4.25 Non-Network Services at Network Facilities pdf file

B-4.26 Small Employer Health Plan Participation Requirements pdf file

B-4.27 Guidance on Implementation of the Colorado Long-Term Care Partnership Program pdf file

 B-4.28 Notice Requirement Regarding Long-Term Care Partnership Status

Bulletin withdrawn 7/19/2012

B-4.29 Concerning CoverColorado Standardized Notice Form for Medicare Supplement Carriers

Bulletin withdrawn August 14, 2014

B-4.30 Expedited Review Process for Long Term Care Partnership Program pdf file

B-4.31 Concerning the Annual Maximum Benefit for Early Intervention Services for Grandfathered Health Benefit Plans pdf file

B-4.32 Health Reimbursement Arrangements and Small Group Health Plans

Bulletin withdrawn 12/17/2010


B-4.33 Medicare Supplement Policies/Dual Rating pdf file

B-4.34 Immediate Market Reforms Involving the Federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act pdf file

B-4.35 Submitting Rate & Form Filings Involving the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA also known as PPACA) of 2010 pdf file

Statutory Interpretation of Possible Conflicting Provisions in HB 10-1021

Bulletin withdrawn 3-15-11 and replaced by Bulletin 4.37

B-4.37 Required Maternity Benefits for Individual Sickness and Accident Insurance and Contraceptive Benefits for Individual and Group Sickness and Accident Insurance pdf file

B-4.38 Additional Guidance on Child-Only Policies

Bulletin withdrawn August 14, 2014

B-4.39 Concerning Eligibility Notifications for Children Receiving Early Intervention Services pdf file

B-4.40 Concerning the Minimum Mammography Benefit

Bulletin withdrawn August 14, 2014

B-4.41 Prescreening Questionnaire

Bulletin withdrawn August 14, 2014

B-4.42 Women's Preventive Health Benefit pdf file

B-4.43 Concerning Transition Credits pdf file

B-4.44 Definition of Small Group for Medical Loss Ratios as Defined by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA also known as PPACA) of 2010 pdf file

B-4.45 Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD& D) Policies and Accident Only Policies pdf file

B-4.46 Guidelines for Rate and Form Filings Containing Provisions for Deductible Credit pdf file
B-4.47 Accident and Sickness Prior Approval and File and Use Rate Filings pdf file
B-4.48 Carriers Offering Health Benefit Plans Through the Colorado Health Benefit Exchange(dba Connect for Health Colorado) pdf file
B-4.49 Insurance Unfair Practices Act Prohibitions on Discrimination Based Upon Sexual Orientation pdf file
B-4.50 Discontinuance of Individual or Small Group Health Benefit Plans pdf file
B-4.51 Actuarial Equivalent Service Limits for Certain Essential Health Benefits pdf file
B-4.54 Inclusion of Essential Community Providers in Managed Care Networks pdf file
B-4.55 Requirements for Marketing Form Filings rlevant to the Affordable Care Act.

Bulletin withdrawn 12/23/2014
B-4.56 Requirements for Network Adequacy Filings relevant to PPACA pdf file
B-4.57 Pediatric Dental Benefits - Limitations on Cost-sharing for Stand-Alone Pediatric Dental Plans and Required Notice to Consumers by Carriers of Non-coverage of Pediatric Dental Benefits pdf file
B-4.58 Additional Guidance on Colorado Health Cost Report pdf file
B-4.59 Discontinuance of Current Health Benefit Plans, Claiming of Plans as Obsolete, Use of Reasonable Modifications Process, and Calendar-year Renewal Schedule pdf file
B-4.60 Provider Non-Discrimination and Chiropractic Services pdf file
B-4.61 Individual Market Renewal Notices-Model Language pdf file
B-4.64 Concerning the End of CoverColorado and Required Notifications pdf file
B-4.65 Reasonable Modifications to Existing Health Benefit Plans pdf file
 B-4.66 Non-ACA-Compliant Health Benefit Plans in 2014

Bulletin withdrawn August 14, 2014
B-4.67 Disclosure Requirements for Annuity Transactions pdf file
B-4.68 Provider Non-Discrimination and Acupuncture pdf file
B-4.69 Reasonable Assurance of Possession of Pediatric Dental Coverage pdf file  
B-4.70 2015 Health Benefit Plan Design Non-Discriminatory Thresholds pdf file
B-4.71 Minimum Benefit for Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder for a Child pdf file
B-4.72 Limited Benefit Health Plan, Hospital Indemnity and Other Fixed Indemnity Policy Restrictions pdf file
B-4.73 Continuation of Non-ACA Compliant Non-grandfathered Health Benefit Plans pdf file
B-4.74 Definition of the Term 'Renewed' as it Relates to Health Insurance pdf file
B-4.75 Notices for Continuation Health Benefit Plans pdf file
B-4.76 Short-Term, Limited Duration Health Benefit Plans and Special Enrollment Periods pdf file
B-4.77 Grace Period Considerations for Consumers, Providers, and Carriers pdf file
B-4.78 Small Group Employers with Grandfathered Health Benefit Plans pdf file
B-4.79 Renewal and Redetermination Notices for Use by Carriers and Connect for Health Colorado pdf file
B-4.80 Guidelines for the Filing of Rates and Forms for Certain Limited Benefits Plans and other Non-Health Benefit Plans pdf file
B-4.81 Requirements for the Filing of Rates and Forms for Individual, Small Group and Large Group Health Benefit Plans pdf file
B-4.82 Consumer Cost Share for Prescription Drug Benefits pdf file
B-4.83.Preventive Services Covered by Health Benefit Plans pdf file


For more information or questions, email DOI Rules and Records.


B-5.1 Calculation of Actual Cash Value: Prohibition Against Deducting Contractors' Overhead and Profit from Replacement Cost Where Repairs are Not Made pdf file

B-5.2 Guidelines to Provide Information to Policyholders on Workers' Compensation Classifications pdf file

B-5.3 Notice of Intent to Cancel Commercial Property & Casualty Insurance Policies or Coverage in Effect less than 60 Days pdf file

B-5.4 Notice of the Provisions Pertaining to the Payment of Motor Vehicle Insurance Claims for the Repair of Damaged Motor Vehicles pdf file

B-5.5 Optional Certification Process for Auto Insurers Regarding Compliance with Rating Laws pdf file

B-5.6 Reduction in Rates for Drivers Age 55 or Older pdf file

B-5.7 Guidelines on Individually Owned Private Passenger Motor Vehicles Insured under Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance Policies pdf file

B-5.8 Reporting of Malpractice Claims Against A Licensed Physical Therapist pdf file

B-5.9 Reporting a Malpractice Claims Against A Licensed Plumber or Corporation of Partnership or a Group of Persons Practicing Plumbing pdf file

B-5.10 Reporting of Malpractice Claims Against A Licensed Podiatrist Practicing Podiatry pdf file

B-5.11 Reporting of Malpractice Claims Against A Licensed Optometrist Practicing Optometry pdf file

B-5.12 Personal Injury Protection Independent Medical Examinations pdf file

B-5.13 Title Insurance and the Mono-Line Statute pdf file

B-5.14 Reporting of Medical Malpractice Claims Against A Licensed Practitioner pdf file

B-5.15 Summary Disclosure Forms for Homeowners, Condominium Owners, Renters and Dwelling Fire Insurance pdf file

B-5.16 Administration of All IME Requests for Insurance Carriers and Injured Persons pdf file

B-5.17 Reporting of Malpractice Claims Against A Licensed Architect or Corporation of Partnership of a Group of Persons Practicing Architecture pdf file

B-5.18 Requirements for the Filing of Rates, Rules, Loss Costs and Forms for Property & Casualty Carriers pdf file

B-5.19 Reporting Requirements For The Motorist Insurance Identification Database Program pdf file

B-5.20 Independent Medical Examination (IME) - Recommended Procedures to Ensure Authenticity of Report Contents pdf file

B-5.21 Certificate of Insurance pdf file

B-5.22 Retaining of Fees for Services Not Actually Performed by Title Insurance Entities pdf file

Closing Instructions (Joint Position Statement from the Division of Real Estate and the Division of Insurance)

Bulletin B-5.23 was withdrawn on April 20, 2012

B-5.24 Interest on Fiduciary Funds Held by Title Insurance Entities pdf file

B-5.25 Claim Investigation of Single Vehicle Accidents pdf file

B-5.26 Requirements Related to Disputed Claims Subject to Appraisal pdf file

B-5.27 Free Cell Phone Insurance pdf file

B-5.28 Equitable Payment of Claims Resulting from Natural Disasters pdf file

B-5.29 Notice of Intended Action - Clear and Specific pdf file

B-5.30 Workers Compensation Surcharges Associated with Lack of Participation or Non-Cooperation in Premium Audits pdf file

B-5.31 Title Insurance Closing Protection Letters "CPL's" pdf file
B-5.32 Rate Capping Practices For Property and Casualty Insurance Companies pdf file
B-5.33 Centralized and Streamlined Title Insurance Rates pdf file
B-5.34 Concerning the Applicability of Lender-Placed Insurance on Residential Property pdf file
B-5.35 Homeowners Right to Obtain Additional or Enhanced Coverages pdf file


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