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Applications and Forms

Disclosure Forms

Dual Status Disclosure pdf file

License History Request Form pdf file

Lock-In Disclosure Form pdf file

Tangible Net Benefit Disclosure pdf file

Tangible Net Benefit Disclosure word document

Agreement for Loan Modification pdf file

Licensing and Administrative Forms

Mortgage Loan Originator Online License Application

Mortgage Loan Originator CBI Fingerprinting Instructions (Required in addition to the NMLS FBI Fingerprint Submission)

Mortgage Loan Originator Preliminary Advisory Opinion Form

Mortgage Loan Originator Temporary License Request Form (You must have first submitted your fingerprints to CBI prior to submitting your Temporary License request form)

Mortgage Loan Originator Status Change Request (Active to Inactive, Inactive to Active, License Reprint Request Form)

Mortgage Loan Originator Reapplication Form (only use if you have an expired license and wish to reapply for that license. First time licensees must use the first link in this section to apply for their license)

Mortgage Loan Originator Certified License History Request Form ($15 dollar fee required for this request)



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