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These procedures apply to Shelter Plus Care (S+C) participants only. Shelter Plus Care (S+C) participants be sure to use the S+C Statement of Understanding, HAP Contract and Housing Worksheet.

Part One: Notification of Move


Step One: Determining Move Eligibility




  • The participant must provide proper notification to their Agency Residential Coordinator of his/her desire to move. (Project-Based Voucher tenants must complete a Request to Exchange Subsidy Type at least 60 days prior to the move).


Agency Residential Coordinator


  • Review the lease at the current unit to determine if the participant is able to move according to the lease term and discuss the terms with the participant.
  • Mail a 30 Day Notice or Agreement for Mutual Rescission of Lease form to the participant depending on the current lease term.

DOH will approve the move if a reasonable accommodation is requested. 
If a reasonable accommodation is not requested, the participant will have violated a program regulation and a participant conference must be conducted.


Step Two: Issuance of Voucher


Agency Residential Coordinator

(Also see Forms Checklist)


Reminder: an annual reexamination must be completed when a family moves.


Any documents used for verification must be dated within 60 days of the interview or 120 calendar days of the effective date of the action.
If paperwork is older than 120 days of the effective date of the action, new verifications are required.

Part Two: Complete the Lease Up


Step One: Determine Unit Eligibility


Agency Residential Coordinator



Step Two: If Unit Qualifies Based on Calculation


Agency Residential Coordinator


The lease must contain the following information:
Names of the owner and participant
The unit rented (address, apartment number)
The term of the lease (initial term and any provisions for renewal)
The amount of monthly rent to owner
A specification of what utilities are to be paid by the owner, and what utilities are to be paid by the family. Lease may also contain information on appliances in the unit.

  • Review the lease for rent concessions


Step Three: If Unit Does Not Qualify Based on Calculation


Agency Residential Coordinator


  • Contact the landlord to inform him/her of the calculation.
  • If landlord will reduce the rent:

Ensure the landlord initials the changes on Request for Tenancy Approval (RFTA) form
Educate the participant that the unit is approved, and that because the unit is over the payment standard, he/she will be paying up to 40% of his/her income toward rent and utilities.
Complete a new 
Certificate of Rent Reasonableness form using the new rental amount and schedule an HQS with the participant and the landlord if the participant would like to move forward with the unit.

  • If landlord will not reduce the rent:

Contact the participant and inform him/her that the unit does not qualify. If required, provide the participant with a blank RFTA to continue the housing search.

Step Four: Conducting an HQS Inspection


Agency Residential Coordinator


  • If unit does not pass inspection:

Communicate with the landlord regarding the estimated timeframe for the repairs.
Communicate with the participant whether he/she intends to wait for the unit to be repaired or continue the housing search.
If the participant elects to wait for repairs, the residential coordinator follows the procedures for re-inspection.
Once the unit is in passed status, the residential coordinator contacts the participant informing him/her that the leased can be signed.

  •  If unit passes inspection:

The participant and the landlord sign the lease. 
The  Shelter Plus Care HAP Contract is signed by landlord.
Part C Tenancy Addendum of the Shelter Plus Care HAP Contract to the landlord. Inform the landlord to attach this to the lease.
Obtain the following forms from landlord:


Direct Deposit (if applicable)

Landlord Obligations

Lead Based Paint Disclosure Form

Step Five: Preparation of Move Paperwork


Agency Residential Coordinator


Send in move paperwork to the DOH representative within 5 business days of the effective date including:

30- Day Notice or Agreement for Mutual Rescission of Lease 
Request for Tenancy Approval  
Copy of lease- all pages including addendums
Housing Assistance Payments Contract  
Current income, asset and expense verifications
Family Reporting Form including the Supplement to Application  
Shelter Plus Care Housing Application & Worksheet   
Utility Allowance Schedule Action Identifier and Verification Tracking form
Income Calculation Worksheet
Medical Calculation Worksheet  
HQS Checklist 

Agency Residential Coordinator


  • Make a copy of the HAP Contract and mail the completed HAP Contract including parts A,B and C to the landlord.
  • File the Shelter Plus Care HAP Contract (Parts A, B and C) and Rent Change Notice letter in the participant file, along with all other paperwork.
  • Attach Part C Tenancy Addendum to the lease and place in the file.