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Funding Coordination Committee


The Colorado Water and Sewer Funding Coordination Committee consists of the primary State and Federal agencies which provide grant or loan funding for local infrastructure projects. Through regularly scheduled meetings, Committee members centralize on one list information on water and wastewater system projects throughout the state and update the status of funding programs. Committee members work together to direct water and wastewater projects to the most appropriate program available, while taking into account factors including funding program guidelines, the nature of the project, and financial need of the community. This coordination has taken place among State and Federal agencies since 1980, formerly under the Water/Sewer Needs Committee, in order respond to systems in need of financial assistance for water and wastewater projects and centralize and update data on local utility needs. The Committee also stays abreast of current developments that affect funding programs and work to resolve some of the challenges that small communities face in trying to access federal funding.


For 2015, the Committee has developed and is implementing a workplan PDF to increase transparency of its activities and more closely monitor local utilities that have shown an interest in seeking funding in the near future.   As of March, 2015 the Committee compiled a listing of 177 water and wastewater projects that may be seeking funding in the near future.  These projects have been assigned to the appropriate agency for followup and coordination of assistance.  Generally these projects have been identified by the Colorado Water Quality Control Division (WQCD) and listed in the Intended Use Plan (IUP) for either the Drinking Water Revolving Fund or the Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund.  If you would like to add your project to either IUP for next year, contact Erick Worker of the WQCD at 303-692-3554 to find out if your system can be added to one of the lists. For communities interested in discussing their project with the Committee, please contact Barry Cress at 303-864-7736  (barry.cress@state.co.us) to discuss participation in an upcoming meeting.


Colorado Water and Sewer Funding Coordination Committee Members


The Colorado Water and Sewer Funding Coordination Committee includes representatives from agencies with programs involved in funding water and wastewater projects:


Barry Cress,  303-864-7736, barry.cress@state.co.us,

Colorado Department of Local Affairs, 


Louanna Cruz, 303-692-3604louanna.cruz@state.co.us
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment


Anna Mauss303-866-3441x3224anna.mauss@state.co.us
Colorado Water Conservation Board


Wesley Williams, 303-830-1550 x 1012,  wwilliams@cwrpda.com
Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority


Janice Pond, 720-544-2927janice.pond@co.usda.gov
USDA Rural Development


Leroy Cruz, 970-217-2991, arrafunds@comcast.net

Colorado Rural Water Association


Cyndy Elliott, 209-576-0430, celliott@rcac.org
Rural Community Assistance Corporation




Federal Funding Programs

The federal government provides an important source of funding for local infrastructure projects in Colorado. Due to certain requirements associated with these programs, it is often more difficult for smaller communities to utilize these funds. The fact was recognized and addressed in a Joint Memorandum dated April 3, 1997 and signed by officers of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The memo encouraged improved and coordinated cooperation in a number of areas. Since 1997, Colorado has made progress in several of these areas:


  • Planning Coordination
  • Cooperation Among Programs
  • Environmental Reviews
  • Federal Cross-Cutter Requirements
  • Jointly Funded Projects

At the national level, a group of water funding officials has come together to form the Small Community Water Infrastructure Exchange (*link to SCWIE). This group's website provides additional resources to states and localities as federal water and sewer funding programs evolve.


PDFThe latest Funding Coordination Committee Project Tracking List