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Special District Election Forms

2014 Forms and Sample Documents


The division of local government created and collected these forms and sample documents as a convenience to special districts to meet their statutory election requirements. These forms were written using relevant statutory citations and secretary of state rules that govern elections and campaign and political finance. Many of the election documents and samples enclosed were created, in part, with assistance from other special district governments. Special districts are not required to use all of these specific forms. However, a district wishing to develop its own documents may want to consult with legal counsel for guidance.


 Link E-File


  PDF  Contact/Web Update
 PDF  Notice to Electors
 PDF  Compliance Calendar
DLG-32         Notice of Special District Authorization or Issuance of General Obligation Indebtedness
SD-0          Sample Director's Bond
 Oath of Office - Special District Director                                                    
SD-2  Notice of Appointment


Documents for 64+ days from election date

Candidate Preparation Documents (Pre-cancellation date)
SD-3     Election Budget Worksheet
SD-4  Election Resolution - Polling place or Mail Ballot Election
SD-5  Designated Election Official Appointment
SD-5.1      Deputy DEO appointment
SD-6  Call for Nominations
SD-7                             Self Nomination and Acceptance Form disregard language that was highlighted in yellow on some forms. That information should have been omitted.
SD-8  Write-In Candidate Affidavit

Documents for Cancelled Election

SD-11  Notice of Cancellation                                                 
SD-12  Resolution of Cancellation by board of directors
SD-13         DEO Cancellation Certification & Declaration of Election - Use in lieu of  SD-12, in conjunction with SD-5 
SD-16 Notification to Candidate of Election to Board   

 Documents for Election Held (not cancelled)

SD-21   Ballot Certification                                                          
SD-22  Judge's Tally Sheet
SD-22.5   Judge's Unofficial Abstract - mail or polling place Post once count is finished for at least 48 hours after polls close.
SD-23  Judge's Certificate of Election Returns (Polling Place) Clarifying language added to second page, 5/6/14
SD-24  Judge's Certificate of Election Returns (Mail Ballot)
SD-25  Canvasser Board Election Certificate Changes seventeen (14) to fourteen (14) days
SD-27  Information about Recounts

 Polling place election

SD-30.1  Letter - Request to Clerk & Recorder for registered voter list
SD-30.2  Letter - Request to Assessor for property owner's list
 Application for an Absentee ballot
 Includes option for permanent absentee voter list
 Absentee Voter Secrecy Sleeve with Voter Instructions. Added 
fake signature to address confusion 4/14/14
SD-31.3  Return Envelope with Affidavit
SD-31.4 Request for Emergency absentee ballot
SD-31.5  Application for Permanent Absentee Voter Status
SD-32.1  Absentee Record of Applications (Cover sheet)
SD-32.2  Absentee Record of Applications and Ballot Log
SD-32.3  Permanent Absentee Voters Record
SD-32.4  Absentee Ballot Daily Batching Log
SD-33  Poll Book (Polling Place Election)
SD-33.2  Election Judge's Tally Sheet
SD-34  Polling Place Election Notice
SD-35  Sample Ballot -- Polling Place Election
Polling Place Documents -- other
SD-36  Eligible Voter Form name on Clerk & Recorder or Assessor list
SD-36.2  Self-Affirming Oath or Affirmation of Elector - not on Lists
SD-37.1  Polling Place Sign 
SD-37.2  No Electioneering Sign
SD-37.4  Voter Instructions - Polling Place Election
SD-37.5  Polling Pace Setup - Diagram


SD-38.1 Voter Challenge
SD-38.2 Oath of Voter Challenged                                                             

Mail Ballot Election

SD-40.1  Letter - Request to Assessor for Property Owner’s List
SD-40.2  Letter - Request to Clerk & Recorder for Voter Registration
SD-41  Sample Ballot for Mail Ballot Election
 Request for Mail Ballot Clarifying info added to aid DEOs/
election judges. Procedural instructions expanded 4/14/14
SD-42.1            Return Envelope
SD-42.2  Mail Ballot Instructions & Secrecy Sleeve Added fake signature to address confusion 4/14/14
SD-43  Mail Ballot Plan (Template)
SD-44.1  Mail Ballot Poll Book
SD-44.2  Mail Ballot Daily Batch Log (aids counting process)
SD-44.3   Mail Ballot Record and Reconciliation Sheet
SD-44.4  Election Judge's Tally Sheet
SD-45           Notice - Mail Ballot Election slight alteration to ballot issue/question info 3/6/2014

Election Judge Appointment & Link to Documents

SD-51  Certification of Election Judges                       
SD-52  Election Judge Acceptance of Appointment
SD-53  Election Judge Pay Sheet
SD-54  Election Judge Oath
LinkSDA  Link to SDA's Election Judge documents



SD-61  Watcher - Duties and Responsibilities; removal        
SD-62              Watcher - Certificate of Appointment & Oath Removed obsolete statutory reference


SD-71              Sample Clerk & Recorder Ballot  (Different format than Special Districts use)   Recommend using UOCAVA oath and 13.5 oath.