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Homeless Prevention Activities Program

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  State of Colorado ImageThe Homeless Prevention Activities Program was enacted during the 1989 session of the Colorado General Assembly in response to the growing number of families and individuals who lacked the resources necessary to provide for their own adequate shelter. The purpose of the program is to provide assistance to households who are at risk of losing their homes without some kind of community assistance. Funding for the program is made available through a State Income Tax Check-off, which allows Colorado residents to make voluntary contributions on their State Income Tax Return

The Colorado Department of Local Affairs, Division of Housing (DOH) administers the Homeless Prevention Activities Program Funds are distributed annually through a competitive process to private non-profit organizations throughout the state. Services provided by the funded agencies include:
 Rent and utility assistance on behalf of families and individuals at risk of becoming homeless with vendor payments made directly to landlords and utility companies.
Case management services to recipient families to address the barriers the household faced in retaining housing.

Each year approximately 820 households receive assistance through the Homeless Prevention Activities Program. The following is a profile of the households served during the previous fiscal year:
  • 69% of the households served were families with children
  • 59% of the households served had annual incomes of less than $12,000
  • 45% of the households served were ethnic minorities
  • 67% of the household heads were employed
  • 87% of the households were in rental situations




Reporting Documents

Historical Funding Report

2011 Client Report Template

2011 Financial Report Template

2006 Legislature Report


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