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Frequently Asked Questions





Frequent Asked Questions (printable version)


Q: Where in statute is the Volunteer Firefighter Pension Fund (VFP) program created?
A: Statutory authority for the VFP program is located in Colorado Revised Statute in
(C.R.S) 31-30-1112.


Q: When is the VFP Application available each year?
A: The application is posted on the website each year in mid-late July.


Q: What constitutes an active volunteer firefighter?
A: A volunteer firefighter shall maintain a minimum training participation in the fire dep’t of 36 hours each year to qualify for benefits (31-30-1122(1)).


Q: When am I eligible to begin receiving my retirement pension?
A: A retired volunteer firefighter who has served twenty years and is over 50 years of age is eligible for pension benefit. If the firefighter is not yet 50, they may take a leave of absence until they reach that age. The local board may decide to pay a retirement benefit with less than 20 years of service if the municipality/District is actuarially sound. No matter what, you’re not eligible for funds until after 10 years.


Q: When is the application due and when are state matching funds distributed?
A: -Application Due Date - Last business day of September
-State Matching Funds Distributed – 2nd Week of November


Q: Where do I send my local government contribution?
A: Send your local contribution to your pension fund administrator. Never send funds to the Department of Local Affairs.


Q: Do I need to submit my actuarial study with my application?
A: If your planned maximum monthly benefit paid per volunteer upon their retirement is:
--greater than or equal to >= $301, YES you need to submit your actuarial study.

--Lesser than or equal to <= $300, NO you do not need to submit your actuarial study.


Accidental Death & Disability


Q: Who is eligible to receive AD&D Insurance?
A: Under this policy, all volunteer firefighters in the state of Colorado are covered for any on-duty activities, including travel to and from any event.


Q: What are the Benefits under this insurance?
A: Summary of Benefits:

Accidental Death $25,000
Accidental Dismemberment $25,000
Permanent Disability $10,000
Accident Total/Partial Disability:
Weekly Benefit $100
Max Payment Period 104 Weeks


Detailed insurance policy documents are located on the VFP website under the AD&D Tab


Q: How do I submit a claim form?
A: You can access the claim form on the VFP website at www.dola.colorado.gov/vfp The instructions for submitting a “Notice of Claim” form is located at the top of the claim form.


Q: Who can I contact with questions regarding a policy claim or a general insurance policy question?
A: Medical Benefits/Claims (800) 678-6702
    Disability Benefits/Claims (888) 232-5340


Or contact the insurance broker at:


Dorothy Stevens, Director
Public Entity Practice
IMA of Colorado, Inc.
1550 17th Street, Suite 600
Denver, CO 80202
303-534-7506 or 303-615-7576