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Program Eligiblity

Eligible Entities to receive the state contribution to volunteer pension funds are:


  • municipalities with a population under 100,000 that maintain a regularly organized volunteer fire department and that offer fire protection services


  • fire protection districts having volunteers and offering fire protection services


  • county improvement districts having volunteer fire department members and offering fire protection services


  • counties contributing to a volunteer pension fund at one of the above


The eligible entities must have:


  • active, pension-eligible volunteer firefighters


  • contributed tax revenue to the pension fund in the year previous to the year in which the distribution is made.


The application will be mailed annually at the end of July to all state contribution recipients of the previous year. The application deadline is the last business day of September each year (received close of business by the Division of Local Government). The state distribution to the eligible entities will generally occur by the fifth business day of November.


Those entities that may be eligible to receive the state contribution but did not receive a state contribution in the previous are urged to review the application materials when available at this website and to contact the Division if they wish to apply for the current distribution.