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Sustainable Community Development



The Colorado Department of Local Affairs, Division of Local Government has committed to coordinate partnerships and provide assistance to enhance the sustainability of communities across the state.  Sustainable community development balances social, economic, and environmental responsibility.


The team brings expertise and assistance from the Community Development Office (CDO) and the Colorado Main Street Program, and works closely with our internal division partners including the State Demography Office, the Division of Housing, and the Division of Emergency Management.  DOLA is also collaborating with other state agencies that contribute to sustainable community development.



What is Sustainable Community Development?


Each community will define sustainability differently depending on its curcumstances, history, culture, and values.  One broad defininition that is generally accepted:


"Sustainable development is development

that meets the needs of the present without

compromising the ability of future

generations to meet their own needs."


The fundamental values of sustainability include balancing the social, economic, and environmental needs.  Sustainable community development works to integrate the following:


  • land use
  • sound fiscal planning
  • transportation and mobility
  • economic development and downtown revitalization
  • affordable housing
  • historic and cultural preservation
  • public health and human services
  • educational opportunities and job training
  • natural resource conservation
  • job creation
  • environmental quality
  • food systems and policy
  • energy efficiency and renewables
  • community identity and sense of place
  • natural hazards planning and mitigation




Sustainable community development integrates these elements in order to avoid wasting resources, missed opportunities, narrowly focused decision-making, and reducing communities' overall health and quality of life.


Check out the Colorado Community Sustainability Guide: A Self Assessment Tool for Local GovernmentsContact us if your community wants to help us beta-test the tool.



Tell us what your community is doing to build a more sustainable future!


We want your input!