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Program Contact


Division of Local Government
Technical Assistance
1313 Sherman Street, Room 521
Denver, Colorado 80203
Main: (303) 864-7720
Fax: (303) 864-7759




Department staff are available to assist districts with daily administrative operations including posting of meeting notices, open records, and compliance requirements of state statute. The Department also maintains files on each Title 32 Article 1 Special District.



PDF Contact / Website Update
PDF Notice of Filing Special District Service Plan
PDF Special District Annual Report (Sample Content)
PDF Notice of Inactive Status 
PDF Notice of Return to Active Status
PDF Notice of Continuing Inactive Status 
PDF Sample Notice to Electors (Transparency Notice)
PDF| DOC Notice of Special District Authorization or
Issuance of General Obligation Indebtedness (DLG-32)
PDF  Annual Report of Non-Rated Public Securities (DLG-30)
Technical Assistance
PDF AG Opinion Regarding Term Limits
PDF Special District Compliance Calendar
PDF Special District Service Plans
PDF Special District Mapping Standards
Special District Financial Information
2008 Colorado State Archives Records Retention Schedule
Special District Map Information

PDF  Special District Map Standards 

Find your map on file
Other Resources
PDF Special Districts, A Brief Review for Homeowners
PDF Special District Election Result Filing Policy