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CERR Challenge Process

In December of each year, the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) mails Colorado Employee Residence Reports (CERRs) to companies involved in the production of minerals and mineral fuels, or “reporting parties”. This report is completed each year as directed by Colorado Revised Statute 39-29-110(1)(c). The reports are used to determine the Colorado residence of certain mineral and energy industry workers. This information is then used as part of the basis for State Severance Tax and Federal Mineral Lease direct distribution payments to local governments.


Using DOLA’s website, reporting parties will complete and submit the CERRs electronically. Once reports are approved by DOLA, we will notify counties and municipalities via email. Local Governments will then have the opportunity to review and challenge the jurisdiction of addresses reported on the CERRs. Electronic review and challenge of the reports can be accomplished by the Direct Distribution contact person within each local government through DOLA’s website:


 DD Challenge Enter Access the on-line challenge system
 DD Challenges Help How to use the
on-line challenge system

(7:45 minutes)
 Overview icon Direct Distribution - 101
(8:40 minutes)


All challenges must be received by DOLA by June 4th of each year. Please follow the on-line instructions to submit any challenged addresses to DOLA electronically.


We encourage you to do three things:

  1. Talk to industry officials soon to encourage them to complete the forms correctly, accurately, and expeditiously. 
  2. Review the electronic reports for accuracy in your jurisdiction. 
  3. Consider the formation of a joint county/municipal committee to review reports for accuracy.
    Once all information is collected, the Oversight Committee will convene and "cure" any inaccuracies or ambiguities that can be determined. DOLA will then use final figures as part of the formula to distribute both Severance Tax and Federal Mineral Lease direct distributions. Both of these distributions will be made annually by August 31st.

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